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InteliChart’s Healthy Outcomes platform continues to evolve to address the engagement needs of patients and their families. The Family Portal is an extension of our market-leading Patient Portal and empowers family members and caregivers to stay informed about the health and well-being of loved ones who are in long-term care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation facilities. No matter how far away family members are, they can monitor their loved one’s health status, medication adherence, meal consumption, upcoming medical appointments and participation in activities through the Family Portal. Knowing what’s happening gives family members peace of mind, and the insight to overcome challenges associated with managing the health of a loved one from a distance.

Features and Benefits

Monitor health status from a distance

Family Portal allows family members and friends to monitor their loved one’s health status in long-term care, regardless of location. Family can keep current with the functional and cognitive status of their loved one and access the activities they are signed up for on a daily or weekly basis and their level of participation. Meal consumption is reflected with trend graphs and administered medications - what, when, dosages, refusals – are all at the family member’s fingertips. Care plan details - goals, actions, and time period – are also available as is the loved one’s upcoming care calendar with events such as podiatry or wellness appointments.

No more phone tag

Secure messaging with facility staff is available, eliminating the frustration and inefficiency of phone tag.

Simple bill pay

Facility invoices can be viewed and paid within a secure system, giving healthcare consumers the convenience they have come to expect.

Maintaining strong family connections

While long-term care facilities are equipped to handle the physical and emotional needs of their residents, research shows that family involvement is crucial for improving the quality of care for residents. Family Portal keeps remote families engaged and emotionally attached with their loved one through the social interaction the portal provides.


InteliChart retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities, such as address and facility ID, and allows secure messaging. Retrieves resident emergency contacts and insurance information plus real-time patient demographics from PointClickCare. Data access available without PointClickCare login.

A history of engaging, influencing, and empowering patients

InteliChart has been the market leader in patient engagement solutions since 2010. Everything we do is focused solely on the patient. Family Portal is the most recent stride in our continuing effort to engage, influence, and empower patients and their families on their journey to well-being and good health.

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