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HealthHive is uniquely designed to answer the age-old question of how to coordinate a patient’s care -- especially when that care needs to be coordinated beyond your facility. And because we understand many of your challenges, HealthHive simplifies those processes and reduces your burdens by completely automating your workflow of sharing records, engaging families, and creating and distributing world-class discharge and care plans.

Features and Benefits

A Virtual Home for Your Residents Care Coordination

Hives are virtual spaces for your Residents and their families to share records and progress, find resources, and, if you want, even communicate with your Organization (think of it as an interactive Patient Portal). These Hives automatically create and populate the data you select from PointClickCare upon admission, allow your Residents to add their records from their additional patient portals, and involve an unlimited number of friends and family. Best of all, the Hive you gift them is theirs to use as long as they’d like, thereby building on your brand.


Whether you need to inform large groups of your Patients and their families about something going on via our Broadcast feature or you would like to give structured updates on day-to-day life (or a specific visit) using our TouchBase feature, HealthHive makes it easy. You will have confidence that your communication will reach everyone who needs to know. Since your Patients (or their Proxies) manage the contacts in their Hives, it’s like always having an updated CC list without any additional work!

Clear Discharges to Home

HealthHive provides a bi-directional integration that automatically generates and distributes your pre-built care plans based on triggers sent to us from PointClickCare. We then break these Care Plans into individual activities and assign them to the Resident and the Members of their Hive. The answers and details gathered from these activities are then sent back into PCC so you can extend five-star care with no extra effort.

Improve the Care You Give (and that Star rating you earn)

Whether the Patient is on-premise or post-discharge, we know that relationships matter. HealthHive strengthens the connection amongst the entire care team and helps families to be more engaged.

CURES Act Compliance

Designed for users' ease and convenience, HealthHive allows you to elegantly meet CURES Act compliance obligations by enabling Residents (and their families) to access the data you select to share with them. And while you address your requirements, residents gain the ability to centrally manage much of their health data with ease.

Use Case: A Patient Portal Experience for Residents and Their Families

Need a way to share the information in PointClickCare with Residents and their families without adding any work to your day? HealthHive will automatically create a Hive and send invitations to your Residents and their families when they are admitted. When they log in, they will see the record types you’ve chosen to share, our resource center to find any additional local help they might need, and even the ability to communicate (if you’d like.)

Use Case: HealthHive = Patient Portal + Discharge Care Plan Distribution & Tracking

Along with providing a full Patient Portal experience HealthHive also allows you to automatically provide a list of Pre- and Post-Discharge activities that the Resident and/or their Family can complete based on where and how they are being discharged. You can follow their progress and gain insight into what is happening when you’re still at risk but they are no longer at your facility.


What Can the HealthHive app do for your Residents?

What Can the HealthHive app do for your Residents?

HealthHive is comprised of both a Patient app and an Enterprise Portal allowing Residents to utilize HealthHive within your facility, or post-discharge. Our app can continue to be used post-discharge at no cost (with more limited functionality) thus allowing patients (and their families) to effectively manage care even after the post-discharge period has ended.

Post-Discharge Patient Management Simplified

Post-Discharge Patient Management Simplified

For your transitional patients, HealthHive provides an efficient and effective means for them to continue on their post-discharge path of recovery. HealthHive allows patients to go home with the HealthHive app, populated with simple Tasks & Activities defined by you. The results? Patients (and their families) know what steps to take to continue their recovery and minimize the risk of rehospitalization. We also enable you to stay in touch with the patient and track their progress.

The Resident's View of Post-Discharge Management

The Resident's View of Post-Discharge Management

Through the at-risk period, your patient's continuing compliance is often a key to avoiding rehospitalization. Here, we show just how simple it is for the patient (often with the help of their loved ones) to stay on track with their continuing recovery. And as an added bonus, patients feel more engaged and cared for, leading to improved Star Ratings and reviews.

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