HealthHive is uniquely designed to answer the age-old question of how to coordinate a patient’s care -- especially when that care needs to be coordinated beyond your facility.

Features and Benefits

How it Works

Each of your Patients will be given their personal virtual care coordination space called a Hive. The Hive is created and populated via the data you already have in PointClickCare. Your Patients (or their care-proxies) can then choose their communication preferences and assemble their informal care team. Patients can customize their Hives, adding members, and granting them the appropriate permissions. All of this can be done via Android, iOS, or a web browser (tablet or desktop). While under your care, you have complete access to your Patient’s Hive via the HealthHive Portal. Your Portal will show you the inner workings of all of the Hives for Patients currently under your care. We allow you to co-manage the Hives, and, most importantly, provide the tools you’ll need to give an exceptional care experience.


Whether you need to inform large groups of your Patients and their families about something going on via our Broadcast feature (coming Q3’20) or you would like to give structured updates on day-to-day life (or a specific visit) using our TouchBase feature, HealthHive makes it easy. You will have confidence that your communication will reach everyone who needs to know. Since your Patients (or their Proxies) manage the contacts in their own Hives, it’s like always having an updated CC list without putting in any additional work!

Know What’s Getting Done

HealthHive also allows you to create tasks and to-do’s that can be assigned to your Patients and their families. Once completed, the answers and information around those tasks are neatly compiled for everyone involved. Need your Patient to weigh themselves every week? Want to make sure a daily list of activities is accomplished (and if they aren’t, why)? By using HealthHive to expand the bounds of PointClickCare and empowering your Patient and their family, getting this information is officially no longer a problem.

Keep an Eye on Your Patient Post-Discharge

For transitional patients, helping Patients understand how they should manage their health (particularly during the at-risk period) can be difficult. Instead of handing over a stack of paper upon discharge, your Patient can leave with their personal Hive. You can easily assign Tasks & Activities to the Patient (and/or their caregivers) so that helpful notifications remind them of what to do each day. And their family can join in their care coordination, which we all know, influences engagement and medical compliance. And throughout, you can keep an eye on their progress and answer questions they may have.

Improve the Care You Give (and that Star rating you earn)

Whether the Patient is on-premise or post-discharge, we know that relationships matter. HealthHive strengthens the connection amongst the entire care team and helps families to be more engaged.

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