SourceTech is a comprehensive platform for facility dining service operations with tools and services designed to improve efficiency and predictability within facility foodservice departments to maximize cost control, patient satisfaction, and overall compliance. Our approach combines proprietary software tools for menu & meal service, inventory control, automated ordering, and financial management with professional industry expertise in areas of food & supplies procurement, product testing, menu & recipe development, nutrition & regulatory compliance, spending analysis, and overall operational best practices. These components are integrated throughout the entire platform to provide a single solution for optimal operational performance and results.

Features and Benefits


SourceTech's cloud-based, hospitality-focused software provides essential tools for effectively managing the various aspects of dining service operations. Features within this software suite – such as menu & recipe resources, meal service tickets & labels, production tallies, automated ordering, inventory control, and financial reporting – utilize the system's patient, menu, and inventory information to drive accuracy and meet critical operational goals.

Integration with PointClickCare

Integration with PointClickCare provides significant efficiencies for managing patient data within the SourceTech system. Using PointClickCare as a centralized data source saves time, limits transcribing errors, and ensures critical census updates are handled in real-time for accurate meal service, ordering projections, and financial PPD reporting.

Menu Solutions

SourceTech's team of Culinary Experts & Registered Dietitians strategically designs custom menus to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes. Menus are crafted to optimize efficiencies and utilize proprietary product programs while maintaining adherence to strict regulatory and nutritional guidelines. Recipes undergo continual development to offer fresh and exciting meal options that positively impact patient satisfaction.

Comprehensive Services

SourceTech offers fully integrated dining operations solutions beyond just software and menu resources. Our experienced procurement team focuses on sourcing and testing specific product programs to support our menus with carefully selected items evaluated for cost and quality benefits. Our dedicated customer support and performance analysis teams continually monitor facility performance and communicate, assist, and train to improve facility performance. Comprehensive services like these, plus additional management service offerings, combined with integrated software and menu resources, create a total package for operational success and improved budget containment, patient satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

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