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Status Solutions is a mission-based organization that works with each customer to design a reliable, scalable and sustainable solution customized to meet their needs leveraging their current technology infrastructure. Our standard is to engineer a complete situational awareness solution for maximum performance, minimal maintenance and easy administration. The inputs and outputs will differ based on the customer and environment, but the outcome is the same: prevent ignorance-based loss by ensuring that alerts — are delivered to the people who need to know what’s happening, where it’s happening, and how to respond.

Features and Benefits

Life Safety, Security and Automated Alerting

Alarms within a long-term care facility originate from a number of systems, but most operate independent of one another, in silos, although alerting equipment and processes may be redundant. But disparate alarm systems, including those for resident safety and security, can be integrated for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. Status Solutions’ automated alerting engine helps staff quickly assess, prioritize and respond to a triggering event to protect people, property, business continuity and resident and staff convenience/comfort. This system integrates life safety, security and environmental controls, turning alarms from these stand-alone systems into detailed alerts for automatic delivery to the right people on the right devices — from smartphones to computer screens to public address systems. The solution includes a wireless sensor network, integration tools for existing alarm and communication systems, and mass notification capabilities on one powerful platform.

Mass Integrator

Our automated alerting engine integrates stand-alone alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. Such unification ensures that critical data is delivered to the right people so they can address an unfolding situation in the right way.

Mass Notification

Mass notification is an application of situational awareness that ensures pertinent information about a triggering event - an awareness transaction - is delivered automatically in as many ways as possible to those most likely to be affected, as well as both on- and off-site responders. You can set up specific alert groups, giving you the ability to broadcast information to all constituents or only to certain personnel - maintenance vs. housekeeping, for example. Mass notification also includes the ability to send alerts on demand if unplanned events or changes occur, in addition to updates as an unfolding situation changes.

Resident Engagement

Our resident engagement solution, CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere) allows communities to deliver digitized content and endless self-service options, giving residents access to information and services they want while keeping staff informed in order to provide the highest quality of care. CATIE establishes a link to the community and the world beyond digital isolation. This solution enhances the daily lives of residents through its functions as an intercom, message center, electronic bulletin board, concierge and much more.

Streamlined Communication

The world is full of screens: workstations, smartphones, tablets and digital signage, including TVs and kiosks. From emergency alerting and response management to self-service, our situational awareness technologies help collect, process, interpret and deliver data in real time to any combination of these screens and other communication end points. In a nutshell, situational awareness ensures that the right information reaches the right people on the right devices automatically for faster, more efficient communication, whether there's an emergency or non-emergency situation.


Status Solutions analyzes health information and other data collected over time and presents it on analytics dashboard to enable staff and family members to have meaningful insight into a resident's overall wellbeing. With this information, you can deliver proactive care and early intervention to avoid crises across the continuum of care - from acute care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities to senior living communities or within their own homes. This solution enables seniors' health and safety to be better managed while allowing them to maintain a sense of independence.

PointClickCare Integration

Status Solutions’ PointClickCare integration allows Patient and Room information to be synced seamlessy with our automated alerting system's User and Unit information. As staff members make changes to patient information in PointClickCare, those changes are updated in our system. This eliminates the the need for duplicate data entry, and results in a time savings for staff members .


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