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Vohra Wound Physicians, the nation’s largest and most trusted wound care provider, is a physician group with a proprietary, ONC-certified, niche-specific EHR, offering smart care augmented by technology. Vohra’s PointClickCare integration streamlines the needed wound specialty care referral process by simplifying and standardizing the consultation process, leading to rapid, proactive patient wound evaluation by your specialty-trained Vohra physician. Further, it provides direct, immediate access to robust Vohra wound documentation from within PointClickCare. The workflow allows for rapid Vohra wound note sorting and filtering for serial visit documentation useful in progressive care plans, required site visitations and improved, efficient functionality. The elimination of redundant paperwork, overhead and potential documentation errors arising from wound care plan fragmentation establishes immediate, value-based patient care.

Features and Benefits

Streamlined and Standardized Wound Care Referral Process for Proactive Quality Care

Consult your Vohra Wound Physician with a single click – no paper, faxing or scanning. Efficiently and easily request a patient wound care evaluation prior to wound deterioration and avoid publicly reported wound quality measures and F-Tags.

Seamless Medical Record Integration

Robust, LTC-specific wound documentation is delivered right into your PCC workflow; no reason for additional logins or downloading/attaching each wound evaluation note to the patient chart.

Robust Documentation

Immediate access to the most trusted wound care documentation in long-term care from Vohra’s ONC-certified, LTC and wound care-specific so we can improve patient outcomes together.

Post-Discharge Patient Care Continuity

Trigger wound care services for a patient prior to discharge to maintain care continuity at home. Vohra offers telemedicine physician support for wound care patients across the care continuum.


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