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Backline by DrFirst is an award-winning, all-in-one clinical communication platform that combines telehealth, mobile messaging, automated alerts, clinical information sharing, patient outreach, and more. With Backline, your organization will have the technology it needs to improve care collaboration and patient engagement. Backline enables you to streamline referrals and transfers from other organizations, improve staff communication and hand-offs, accelerate MDS documentation, collaborate with remote clinicians through secure messaging, enable virtual checkups with PCPs and specialists, and allow for HIPAA-compliant video visits between patients, providers, and family members.

Features and Benefits

Enable Virtual Physician Care Visits

Use telehealth when hands-on care isn’t possible or required. Increase speed-to- treatment while improving the patient experience. Keep patients and staff safe from exposure to infectious disease.

Keep Loved Ones and Caregivers Connected

Enable remote care planning with family members via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Share patient updates in real-time via text alerts, notifications, and secure messaging. Send documents for caregivers to complete electronically.

Collaborate with External Providers

Enable care collaboration between facilities. Communicate in real-time with clinicians outside of your organization including case managers, PCPs, pharmacists, and more. Send alerts to the extended care team if a patient is transferred or readmitted.

Easy to Connect

There’s no sign-up process or apps to download for users receiving a request to join a telehealth or secure chat session.

24/7 Support for All Facilities

Our team is here to support your team anytime you need us.

Accelerate Intake and Transfers

Admission paperwork and clinical documentation can be shared with the LTC via Backline in advance of the patient arriving which alleviates intake delays and enhances the initial care of the patient. It will also help ease concerns of the patient’s family as they make the difficult decision of leaving the care of a loved one in the hands of strangers.

Increase Speed to Care

Offsite providers can use telehealth to do virtual rounds in the facility during times where a visit to the LTC is not scheduled, or in case of an emergency. A newly admitted patient can have their first visit scheduled as a telehealth visit during times when a rounding physician is not typically onsite.

Reduce Readmissions and Avoid Penalties

Providing faster, higher-quality treatment can lead to improved clinical care outcomes, reduced hospital readmissions, and a reduction in financial penalties tied to readmission rates.

Improve Care Coordination

For patients needing additional care from offsite providers, telehealth can enable immediate care utilizing remote physicians.

Improve the Patient Experience

Use telehealth to connect patients with their families through face-to-face virtual visits even when they can’t be onsite to visit with their loved one. Increase patient/family satisfaction and boost quality scores.

Support Value-based Care

In light of PDPM and PDGM, collaborating quickly and effectively with other care providers (like OT, PTs, and more) is more important than ever. Use Backline to share diagnoses and status changes with partner providers in real-time to improve the quality of care delivered and expedite billing.


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