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AMD's clinical telemedicine technologies and devices provide post-acute facilities a virtual care delivery option that helps treat patients in place, increase access to specialty care for high risk-patients, and avoid hospital readmissions. Our telemedicine and telehealth solutions are fully integrated with PointClickCare® and designed to extend a simplified workflow for healthcare professionals to treat patients remotely when or as needed. AMD’s AGNES Connect® telemedicine platform provides virtual communication in real-time between a nurse at an SNF and an off-site physician. Paired and aided by diagnostic tools, patients can receive the specialty care they require without ever leaving the safety of the facility, and have the benefit of the encounter being easily documented in PointClickCare®.

Features and Benefits

Remote Access to Patients Helps Avoid Hospital Readmissions

AMD’s virtual care technology has already been proven time and time again in post-acute care applications. When telehealth solutions are readily available among at-risk communities like SNFs, hospital readmission rates can be drastically reduced. This not only helps SNFs, but it takes the pressure off the overwhelmed hospitals treating pandemic patients. Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can benefit tremendously from telehealth. According to research conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, 30 to 67% of hospitalizations among SNF residents could be avoided with interventions using telehealth technologies.

Collaborative Patient Assessment and Video Conferencing Platform

AGNES Connect® is a secure and encrypted web-based telemedicine platform that enables remote clinical healthcare providers to connect through video conferencing with the on-site clinician, and do a medical assessment on the patient at the SNF facility. • Matches the experience and clinical workflow of in-person exams. • Provides secure access for patient encounters and documentation, which can be integrated with your EMR. • Streams medical data from fully integrated and connected medical devices, including live ECG analysis, heart and lung sounds, and more!

Efficient Collection and Documentation of Vitals at Bedside

AMD’s Virtual Visit Cart solutions with the AGNES Connect® Vitals platform, allow on-site clinicians to efficiently move from room-to-room doing their vitals rounds. This integrated virtual platform provides them the ability to collect and record their patient’s vitals data, in just minutes, leaving more time for clinical observation and patient interaction.

Customizable Telehealth Technology Solutions

AMD’s telehealth solutions include software platforms, integrated medical devices, and telemedicine bundled kits that enable healthcare providers to deliver the highest possible level of care to any patient, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances. Telemedicine is not a one-size-fits-all solution, our telemedicine technology options are modular and can be configured to a customer’s specific virtual care delivery needs and clinical requirements.

PointClickCare® Connectivity

Our AGNES Connect® telehealth platform is fully integrated with PointClickCare® for a continuous workflow between virtual care visits and critical healthcare documentation. Vitals can be captured and collected at bedside and then automatically transferred to PointClickCare®, making the documentation process simple and eliminates the risk of common data entry errors.

Flexible Investment

We offer post-acute care facilities the flexibility to purchase our cloud-based software and integrated medical devices, as a service model. This helps facilities ease into the adoption of telemedicine into their everyday model of care and patient workflow.

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