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HCPCS staff are dedicated to business processes and financial operations with a passion to serve. CCRC, SNF, ALF, Home Health, Acute Care, and Home Health providers benefit from our revenue cycle management support and services. We specialize in training, billing services, compliance, MSP and other claims management best practices, denial management, managed care contracting, internal control assessment, and short term staffing. The team of highly skilled staff are dedicated to making a difference by increasing cash flow, mitigating bad debt, with focus on process improvement. The extensive knowledge of the PCC solution and payer reimbursement proves beneficial to overcome challenges while streamlining practices. Contact us to discuss or develop plans to meet the unique and specific needs of your organization.

Features and Benefits

Enhance Revenue Cycle

The intake and admission process is the initial phase of the revenue cycle with demographic and accurate payer coverages. Following admission are various data points in the cycle of the resident/patient stay that prove critical for accurate and timely billing output. Collection standards and denial management are key to preserving or enhancing cash flow. Our assessment, training, and practices support enhanced efficiencies.

MSP (Medicare Secondary Payer) and Other Claim Management or Training

Does your provider have bad debt associated with MSP or avoid taking admissions that have open MSP or other complex claim reimbursement issues? Contact us to assist with training, best practices, and overcoming these barriers to get fully reimbursed for all services provided.

Denial Management

Additional Documentation Requests (ADR) are on the rise with the expected trend to continue related to COVID waivers and other standard claim reviews practices of payers. Fully utilizing PCC the ADR and Appeal processes can be managed effectively. Knowing the rights and separate levels of provider appeals are critical to the timeline and steps for successful outcomes and not having prior payments recovered. Contact us today for support or training with regards to denial management as this will prove to preserve the reimbursement your location has already received.


Have you hired new team members or have long standing staff in admissions, operations, business office, finance, or accounting and want to make sure they have the skills or support needed to be successful? The HCPCS staff have each been training within the revenue cycle process for many, many years and would look forward to sharing this vital knowledge. The revenue cycle includes from the point of referral that converts to admission throughout each step from verification of benefits, census, charge capture, billing, cash collection, and denial management to name a few. Our staff are certified or highly experienced within the PCC system and will assist to fully utilize the functions and processes and help to understand complex reimbursement matters. The training or ongoing support will prove to focus on compliance, increase cash flow, standardize processes, or simply support your staff and organization as a lifeline for various questions during daily operations, staff changes, or as a key to process improvement through enhanced understanding.

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