Your job is to deliver the best quality care and services for your senior care community. Our job is to help you with the technology decisions, tools, and applications that make all that possible. With decades of experience in IT and 17+ years serving the unique needs of the senior care sector, Fully Managed understands the challenges providers and care teams face every day. We specialize in making sense of the often overwhelming technology choices available. Our team will guide you towards best-practice options, help you plan affordable technology roadmaps, and equip your organization and staff with the devices, infrastructure, and IT support they need to be successful and secure.

Features and Benefits

Complete Managed IT Services

Good technology decisions and investments support mission-critical functions, employees and resident care. And that technology requires constant maintenance, attention and technical support to stay functional and secure. That’s where Fully Managed comes in. We help you make technology choices that work for your organization and its objectives. We can also manage your technology so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you need us to be your IT department or to complement what you already have in place, Fully Managed ensures you are being proactive about technology - helping you work smarter, more securely and with greater efficiency. .

24x7 IT Support

Technology uptime is an absolute necessity in senior care and because you work around the clock, so do we. Fully Managed provides you with the expertise of our NOC (network operations center) for preventative maintenance, as well as access to our 24x7 helpdesk to assist users with IT issues and requests.

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

IT should be a contributing factor in your success. The Fully Managed Virtual CIO (vCIO) team can get you on the right technology path and ensure your choices fit your needs and your budget. We also help you make sense of how technology is working for you, help you plan a secure and productive future for your organization, and provide helpful analytics and reporting to help you make informed decisions.

Solid Wi-Fi & Infrastructure

Taking advantage of today's digital innovation means you need to have your basics covered. Staff requirements at the point of care and growing resident expectations all point to needing a solid wireless plan. Fully Managed can help you assess your current network infrastructure, define a wireless strategy, plan your implementation, roll it out, and support the mobility your team needs to better serve residents. Ongoing network monitoring service ensures all is running smoothly and securely.


Across all your technology, you must ensure data security and privacy of protected health information (PHI). We understand the need for security across all aspects of the care continuum. Fully Managed can help you identify and resolve security gaps, ​manage mobile devices to ensure safe data gathering, implement multi-layered, best-practice security solutions, and provide proactive, managed IT services to keep data and networks secure.

Devices & Hardware

Fully Managed can help procure, deploy, and manage the devices and hardware you need to ensure flexibility, efficiency, and security for your organization. We work with you to assess current needs and longer-term goals and make best-practice recommendations based on suitability and affordability. Fully Managed offers both medical-grade and consumer device options with antimicrobial coatings to support infection control efforts.

Cloud Solutions

Fully Managed helps senior care communities understand the power and potential of moving applications and data from on-premise servers to the cloud. We are experts in both public and private cloud solutions and enable organizations across North America to protect data while improving efficiency, enhancing data security, and decreasing overhead.

Professional Services

Many companies that want to migrate or update technology don’t know where to start or have the capacity to handle IT projects in-house. The Fully Managed Professional Services team can help you build a plan that ensures your major IT projects are completed on time and on budget. Whether you need an assessment of your IT infrastructure, a Microsoft 365 migration, a line of business application or deployment of an IT Service Management system, we have the experts to help execute on your vision.

Digital Screening & Vaccination Tracking

Fully Managed Stay Open is a digital platform designed to help senior care communities support infection control and reduce manual, administrative tasks that detract from providing care. With Stay Open, you can digitally screen staff and visitors, track vaccinations, enhance exposure management capabilities and easily access critical data that simplifies compliance reporting.

Automated User Account Provisioning

Fully Managed GrandCentral Senior Care (GCs) is designed to help providers modernize and automate critical processes, save valuable time, and enhance security. With GCs you can: automate user account provisioning, simplifying onboarding and offboarding processes; lay the groundwork for enhanced security measures like secure single-sign-on and automated password resets; and access an audit trail of records and transactions through a user-friendly portal. GCs automates PointClickCare user account creation, modification, and deactivation through direct integration between GCs and PointClickCare. The integration includes data validation and helps prevent data duplication.

ServiceNow Expertise

In addition to being an award-winning managed IT provider, Fully Managed is a also workflow automation specialist and ServiceNow Elite Partner. Fully Managed has a dedicated practice of ServiceNow experts with one goal: helping organizations derive maximum value from ServiceNow investments. Our team can help with strategy, project planning, development, implementation and ongoing administration of ServiceNow instances, eliminating the need to hire and retain hard-to-find and expensive in-house ServiceNow resources.

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