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TeleHealth Solution is a patient and outcomes centered approach to TeleHealth. Since 2015 our mission has been to deliver expert medical care with our team of multi-specialty physicians in the long-term care setting with a focus on preventing unnecessary ER transfers and avoidable readmissions. Our goal is to improve the quality of on-site care in Skilled Nursing , Assisted Living, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, & Acute Care Hospitals across the country.

Features and Benefits

Patient Care First & Technology Second

Experienced, hospitalist, and ER clinical providers on-demand, who can provide virtual medical evaluations in urgent and emergency situations. Our goal is treating medical conditions before they worsen and prevent unnecessary transfers to the emergency room that can result in costly readmission penalties and poor patient care. , virtual medical exams will be performed “in-house” where patients can remain comfortable in a familiar environment. We continue to put patient care first, and technology second.

Multispecialty Board-Certified Physicians

Our board-certified physicians can manage almost any medical condition right at your facility. Our employed clinical team is composed of Hospitalist, ER, cardiology, nephrology, infectious disease, psychiatry, psychology, wound care, and physiatry. Many long-term care facilities would historically not have access to these specialists. Now with 1 click of a button your patients can be treated at their besides avoiding timely day trips to specialist appointments.

Customized Clinical Coverage Options

We understand that primary care and specialist coverage in each facility drastically varies. That is why we create a customized telemedicine clinical schedule for your facility that can include 24/7, nights and weekend calls, or change in condition coverage. We also build a specialty provider network for each facility to address gaps in your clinical coverage with our team of multispecialty providers.

Real Time Dashboards and Clinical Reporting

Each patient encounter is started with one click of a button. From here, our system records each step with the assigned clinicians on-call. Tracking all outcomes creating daily transparency reports on our patient interactions. Our proprietary software gives your individual facility and corporation access to real-time dashboards and reporting metrics that put you in control of measuring ROI and clinical outcomes.

Readmission Savings

Readmission Avoidance: A bedside hospitalist knows the difference between which patients need to be admitted and managed in a hospital versus which patients can remain comfortably at your facility. With our turnkey TeleMedicine Solution, we can help lower readmission rates (RTH) and drive positive clinical outcomes and hospital narrow network status.

ER Follow Up to Increase Readmission Avoidance

We recognize that not all patients can be safely evaluated and treated in place. If our clinician evaluates the patient and believes they need a transfer to the ER, our care does not stop there. Our clinician will provide communication directly with the ER physician, and if appropriate a plan of care will be discussed to expedite the patient’s transfer back to the facility. This helps keep you in hospital narrow networks and a retains your census.

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