Easy to learn. Easy to use. Claimocity is the perfect complementary software for PointClickCare, providing cloud-based productivity and revenue efficiency solutions for modern doctors in acute care and LTPAC facilities. Streamline clinical, financial, and operational processes from your mobile device and get more done in less time while maximizing reimbursements with AI-enhanced smart software that automates the bulk of the busy work so providers can focus on the quality of the care. Capture charges with a simple swipe, manage patients and facilities in the smart census, and experience an unprecedented level of transparency in the billing and coding process with Practice IQ financial reporting and bench-marking. Seeing is believing. Schedule a pressure-free 15-minute demo and experience the difference.

Features and Benefits

Claim Tracker

Point of care claim tracker uses machine learning and AI-enhanced data processing to provide a claim value at the point of care when a charge is captured as well as an estimated timeline for when that claim will be paid. The value and timeline update as insurance data and patient responsibility become available, and the data is then compared against statistical analyses of past payouts and insurance contract rate data to provide final estimates within 1% of accuracy that allow both providers and practice managers to understand and rate insurance payouts against contracted rates, track claims through the process, understand the daily, monthly, and yearly financials, and see the impact of each single or day's encounters on their payable income.

Code Assist

Designed to help busy doctors save time as needed such as on busy days or with complex encounters, the code assist function on a patient visit enables a provider to toggle on coding automation and then snap a quick picture of any relevant documents and a diagnosis in plain wording before moving on to the next encounter. The visit and documents will run through our AI quality control and then funnel to the coding team who will review the information and assign the proper coding to the encounter. From several minutes of struggle to the simple click of a streamlined workflow with professional coding efficiency, the automation reduces the risks of under coding or over coding complex encounters with gray areas that make the decision more complicated than it needs to be. Our experts have decades of experience billing and coding and are able to take the burden from the provider and handle it on the back end so that the provider can flow through their day and focus on the quality of the patient care.

Practice IQ

Experience an unprecedented level of transparency and clarity in the billing and coding processes with practice and provider level insights and reporting functions that provide the business intelligence and KPI reporting necessary for highly effective data-driven decision making. Track provider and practice financials, compare state and national bench marking, and evaluate data in real time on a daily, monthly or yearly level in a visual and numerical manner. Check total revenue, revenue per encounter, total encounters, days in A/R per encounter, and RVUs by code group, payor, payment type, facility, place of service, provider code, code group, and more. Evaluate coding efficiency and any associated lost revenue and so much more.

Smart Census

Streamline your patient and facility management with a central hub of user-friendly AI-enhanced clinical, operational, and financial smart functions. Capture charges with a quick swipe, handle notifications and pending issues, switch between telehealth billing, toggle code assist, and track claim values and timelines from the point of care.

Compensation Management

Generate and approve invoices, pay providers, manage financials, schedule payments, pay for software and services, and generate direct deposits right from the app. Providers utilize the provider compensation portal to track their income and approve invoices while practice managers and owners have access to the full breadth of financials and manage all the necessary components of paying providers.


Our award-winning team offers fast and focused credentialing and contracting services for providers to get them seeing patients, approved for in-network insurance reimbursements, re-credentialed, and any other related services handled as needed. Practices lose an average of 7K per day per provider when they cannot see patients so streamlining the credentialing process, identifying and monitoring red flags and possible compliance issues, and getting the best contracted rates in the quickest amount of time can make a huge difference.

Secure Messaging

Simple and effective user-friendly HIPAA compliant secure messaging system enabling streamlined medical information sharing that can help with patient management and coverage.

QR Code Scanner

Input and update patient information with a simple scan of the QR code on the wristband, chart, or other sources that enables new patient shells to be automatically created with name, date of birth, gender, and medical records that solves a pain point and allows for a much faster management and billing process either through face sheets or full integration. Our technology can also translate pictures of round sheets from a hospital or facility census, parsing the data and converting it into digital information within a few seconds before auto-populating into the smart census and patient lists.

Mobile Charge Capture

One of the biggest pain points for providers is charge capture and the Claimocity accelerated charge capture has streamlined the point of care billing process to both an art and a science. Swipe right on a patient from the smart census to quickly discharge or skip visit with a simple click in under a second. Swipe left to change the CPT code or bill the visit. Press and hold for a moment to go directly to the quick menu for changing the billing code or click on the patient's name to adjust the patient visit details including adding or changing procedures, adding or changing the diagnoses, quickly and easily toggling between facility and telehealth billing, toggling code assist on or off as well as simply and efficiently importing notes, images, and documents.


Rounding App for Busy MDs on the Go

Rounding App for Busy MDs on the Go

Claimocity cloud software and mobile rounding app is designed for busy doctors in acute care, LTAC, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and step-down facilities featuring mobile charge capture, modern practice management productivity tools, and revenue cycle performance solutions.

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