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Continyou Care is a cloud-based, home management platform built specifically for senior homes which includes an iPad-based Tableside Meal Ordering solution with POS functionality, real-time resident attendance, tracking resident feedback, digital signage (get rid of paper-based announcements), Activity Calendar/Sign-up Management and more!

Features and Benefits

POS + Tableside Meal Ordering

Our mobile solution makes it easy for seniors to select their meals and have their orders processed in real-time using an iPad.

Eliminate Show Plates

The high quality images remove the need for show plates.

Menu Management

Add, edit and delete menu items with ease and provide your staff with the flexibility required to bring speed, accuracy and consistency to your dining services.

Nutrition Management

Our system is proven to reduce errors with software that ensures staff are always equipped with real-time dietary information on each resident.

Resident Profile Management

Every resident is assigned a personal profile capturing critical information relating to their health and diet, along with their unique preferences.

Digital Signage

Whether it be a special announcement, the menu for the day or daily activities- your staff can quickly update your digital signs with our user friendly tools.

Collect Valuable Data

Reduce likelihood of errors as information can be inputted right away and enables homes to better serve their residents (ie. food, activities, etc.)

Auxiliary Services

Tap into new revenue streams by easily incorporating additional services such as snack carts, spa services, gift shops and more.

Personalization of Service

Deliver a customized experience for each resident with the wealth of information collected over a period of time about that resident.

Allergen Alerts

Be automatically alerted when when resident allergens match the ingredient list in a menu item.

Speed Up Meal Times

Maintain high-quality interactions with residents once running meal times more efficiently.

Capture Lost Revenue

In retirement settings, revenue is lost when purchases cannot be easily tracked and assigned to residents like alcohol sales.

Create Accountability At Staff Level

Streamline inter-team communication while having data points to optimize staff time.

Reduce food wastage

Tableside meal ordering with pictures will reduce mistakes and your food costs.

Reduce Staff Turnover

We believe in using technology to empower staff to focus more on the high-value tasks like relationship-building and also their general anxiety around workload to reduce turnover.

Improve Resident Experience

Experience will become the biggest differentiator for families when choosing where their loved ones stay, and homes using technology will have the advantage here.

White-Glove Service

We focus on providing great training & post-sales support.

Plug-and-Play Solution

All we require is WiFI, as it is a “plug-and-play” solution. We do initial information upload + account set-up.

Real-Time Resident Attendance

Allow different teams within a home to contribute to resident attendance (which is currently being done by hand).

Activity Calendar Management

For both LTC and retirement communities, you can easily manage all daily, weekly, or monthly activities through our easy-to-use web portal. The app on the tablet allows staff to track all activity metrics during the event, whether it is taking attendance, documenting feedback, recording personal notes, or taking pictures of resident engagement. Your activity calendar can be automatically shared and updated real-time on your website and on your digital signage displays. In addition, the kiosk mode of the app allows public sign-up feature for all future dated events. Simplify the process of entering activities and build out future activities through our recurring activity features. This allows you to stay up-to-date on calendars that show activities and spend extra time with your residents. With our reporting feature, you can build robust activity calendars based on your residents likes. Easily identify the most popular and least popular activities every month which allows you to measure, manage and optimize resident engagement.

Maintenance Request Tracking

Manage maintenance requests in the cloud with real-time updates and push notifications. The maintenance staff member can access the maintenance app from any device (Apple or Android) making it easy to use no matter where you are to update the progress of each request with a detailed history log. All requests are archived for reporting to filter all requests by residents, room number, and type of requests.

Meal Ticket Plans

Does your home have residents who are not on a meal plan or manage tickets for any purchases whether it is for happy hour drinks or activities or meals? If so, we have the Meal Ticket feature that allows you to manage the tickets with automated daily use count. It has the option to set an expiration date. With real-time reports, you can track all the purchase, used, and remaining tickets for specific residents.


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