SNFQAPI is a web-based QAPI program. Our goal is to provide a QAPI solution which will help keep your facility in compliance with QAPI regulations, stay ready for Survey, and most importantly, improve the quality of care that residents receive. Maintaining a good QAPI program, like SNFQAPI, has many benefits. SNFQAPI can help your facility maintain quality resident care and satisfaction, regulatory compliance, high star rating, lower readmission rate. We use indicators to measure compliance with every regulation on an ongoing basis, which are used to help identify and correct deficient practices. In other words, your facility can find and correct deficiencies before Surveyors even walk in the door.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive QAPI Program

SNFQAPI is an effective QAPI program which addresses every element of the requirements spelled out in CMS' QAPI regulations and guidelines: 1. Design and Scope, 2. Governance, and Leadership, 3. Feedback, Data Systems and Monitoring, 4. Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs), 5. Systematic Analysis and Systematic Action. (See: https://www.cms.gov/medicare/provider-enrollment-and-certification/qapi/downloads/qapiataglance.pdf)

Plan of Correction in Seconds

SNFQAPI.com identifies deficiencies and writes a Plan of Correction (POC) for you. Your CMS-2567 comes with FTag, Regulation, Scope & Severity, Findings, Statement of Deficiencies & Plan of Correction, formatted and written in language that Surveyors want to see.

Powerful Analytics

SNFQAPI's Analytics feature creates attractive reports based on a wide variety of data from your EHR system. Report on any point of data available in PointClickCare and SNFQAPI, with or without PHI for marketing or internal use. See our demo analytics page here: https://www.snfqapi.com/demo/analytics

Integrated with PointClickCare

SNFQAPI integrates with PointClickCare in 2 ways. First, census data allows our QAPI program to instantly populate indicators with applicable resident names (an indicator is an audit to inspect for compliance with a regulation), which is very convenient for our users, and allows our QAPI program to be as labor-efficient as possible. Second, data from PointClickCare is used in our Analytics feature, which can be used to create reports using any data-point available, and to create resident face-sheets showing information about residents, and results from the QAPI program on a single page.

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