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Support the health and safety of your front-line healthcare workers, residents, visitors, and contactors. Eliminate unnecessary person to person contact and potential transmission incidents with LiveAssist employee-controlled remote receptionist. Keep watch on multiple access points; efficient, managed re-entry to the workplace. Prior to site entry, visitors pre-screen with secure, easy to use customizable tools; questionnaires, mask detection, temperature check and more. Database publishes reports for productivity and contact tracing Enforce access, occupancy, distancing, safety and compliance protocols. Publish compliance through digital signage. Printed badges for easy identification Restrict access with time stamped criteria Integrate with current systems, preclude dual data entry. Eliminate crowds and line ups with contactless secure sign-in systems and precognitive wait time notifications Professional and Managed Services.

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Scalable, Enterprise Solutions

LiveAssist values your employees and their time. We connect to your existing technologies: HR management platforms, CRM's and other industry specific solutions, like PointClickCare, so you have one comprehensive dashboard. Streamline your process, so you do not duplicate work. Fully compliant with all government and security protocols; HIPPA and Pipeda servers, tailored to your organizations’ needs.


From simple to highly complex or restrictive workflows, with LiveAssist and PointClickCare integration, you have powerful tools and a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions to control and enforce compliance. With or without global pandemics.


Adding the burden of becoming a front-line security and screening system to your already hard-working staff is not the solution. The only way to manage large or sensitive groups of people is to implement a highly refined, structured, repetitive process. With our leading-edge Canadian developed technology solutions, automating process saves your organization both time and money. 90% of employees are being burdened with boring and repetitive tasks which could be easily automated *SnapLogic research 2017 Visitor and facility management, health screening, occupancy load and queue management, visitor verification, contractor management & tracking, access control and integration with PointClickCare are some of the processes which LiveAssist automates for you, so your staff can get back to what they do best. Enjoy cost savings of 40% to 75% by automating process though technology.* How Much Is Intelligent Automation Saving You Forbes, Sept 2017

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