Quiltt is a resident and family engagement platform. Our mission is simple: provide facility and community staff members a reliable method to keep residents, their family members, and even the staff themselves informed of everything going on around them. From broadcasting activity calendars and dining menus directly to their in-room tv, to pushing out special announcements, emergency messaging, and satisfaction surveys to residents, family members, and staff, Quiltt helps improve the overall resident experience through superior communication. All content is controlled from the web-based command center that is accessible using your PointClickCare login credentials. Inviting residents, family members, and staff to the platform is easy with the PointClickCare integration - simply sync with PCC and select the contacts to invite.

Features and Benefits

Activity planning and tracking

Activity planning is one of the biggest initiatives for your staff each and every week. Planning and scheduling can be very time consuming. With so many types of activities throughout any given day, staying organized can be very difficult. Without the proper tools and resources to manage activities with ease, activity directors may lack time necessary for other responsibilities such as resident care or staff management. With Quiltt, we’ve made it easy to schedule and plan your monthly activity calendars. With an easy to use command center, your staff can easily schedule activities to keep your residents and their loved ones updated and informed at all times.  Read more here: https://www.quiltt.com/blog/learn-how-quiltt-can-improve-activity-planning-for-your-senior-community See it in more detail here: https://vimeo.com/460948812

Visitation reservation system

Senior Care facility operators are trying their best to limit and prevent the spread of coronavirus to their residents, a demographic deemed by the CDC as the most vulnerable population given the infectious and mortality rate of Covid-19. In managing this risk, community residents’ social interaction has been scaled back significantly with no or limited visitations, in room meals only and a limited activity and event calendar.  Quiltt, a new communication platform for Senior Care communities, aims to better inform, connect and engage the families and loved ones of Senior Care residents. While the app features calendars for activities and menus, push notifications, site maps, pulse surveys etc, Quiltt recently released a new reservation feature. This new reservation feature allows families to schedule either Window Visits or Video Visits. Operators can set visit types, available time blocks, and capacity and families can book visits with just  a couple of clicks. Read more here: https://www.quiltt.com/blog/window-visits-the-new-normal-for-visiting-your-loved-ones-at-senior-care-communities See more here: https://vimeo.com/456732752


Quiltt now offers an expanded Survey feature which allows you and your team to quickly and easily deploy surveys to different Quiltt user groups across your community. What to know how residents feel about a new transportation service? Would family members recommend your community to their friends and family? How do staff like the new appreciation and incentive plan you just launched? With Quiltt Surveys, you can now collect feedback and answers to any questions you want, directly from the mobile app. If a family member expresses strong support for your community, follow up with them and request a public review on Google, Yelp, or any other review platform you're using. Managing your online reputation paramount. Don't wait for the reviews to go public, be proactive and collect the ongoing feedback you're seeking. Read more here: https://www.quiltt.com/schedule-demo/surveys

Improve staff retention

Direct-care workers have a plethora of jobs to choose from, from both inside and outside the industry, which makes it imperative for long-term care and senior living providers to make employee retention a top priority now and in the future. Successful companies understand the value of their employees. One of the most effective ways to strengthen employee engagement is to provide positive feedback and recognition of all types of contributions. Give your staff the recognition they deserve and tools they need to help them spend less time on the repetitive tasks and more time on resident care and wellness.

Liability reduction

Quiltt, a leading communication platform for Senior Care communities, has teamed up with OmniSure, a provider of risk management consulting services for the Senior Care industry. Together, the two companies plan to leverage their services across their current and new partners, adding significant value to their overall offering.  The partnership includes integrating OminSure’s RiskFit® resource into the Quiltt platform and providing it to all facilities using Quiltt. RiskFit® an online tool that helps reduce professional risk for Senior Care community operators, will now be an additional Risk Management resource for Quiltt’s partners. For example, The RiskFit® helpline can help Quiltt’s senior care community partners with questions about their professional practice, risk mitigation, and regulatory-related issues.  Read more here: https://www.quiltt.com/blog/omnisure-teams-up-with-quiltt-to-reduce-liability-and-increase-communication-support-for-senior-care-communities

Integrated with PointClickCare

All content is controlled from the web-based command center that is accessible using your PointClickCare login credentials. Inviting residents, family members, and staff to the platform is easy with the PointClickCare integration - simply sync with PCC and select the contacts to invite.

Versions and pricing (starting at $0 / month)

Quiltt offers three versions; Essentials (free forever, $0), Pro ($499/month flat), and Enterprise (varies) offering a range of features including PointClickCare integrations (Pro and Enterprise versions). Let's talk about what's best for your community: https://quiltt.com/demo


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