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Communication finally made easy! Custom built for PointClickCare, CareLoop simplifies family communication, saving the care team time so they can focus on what matters most - providing exceptional patient care. Coordinate care across multiple organizations with CareLoop by allowing disparate care teams to communicate as one while accessing relevant patient information. CareLoop - Powered by DispatchHealth

Features and Benefits

Secure Communication Channels

CareLoop provides a safe, HIPAA-compliant, and secure platform for all communications, whether between the care team or with the family. Control access and read/write capability; Private channel for care team communication; Private channel for family communication; Detailed audit log of all messages; Mandatory 2-factor authentication.

On-The-Go Access

Meets family and providers where they are at, whether on the go via mobile applications, the web, or directly from within PointClickCare.

Direct Contact with Family

Reinvent the family experience with an intuitive & easy to use communication channel. Proxy can invite other family members on the contact list via text, email or an easy to use QR code; Patient proxy can communicate directly with the care team; Families receive increased touch points & vital data related to their loved one’s care.

Customization for each Facility

Not all facilities are the same. CareLoop allows you to tailor its platform to meet your facility's needs and align with your clinical processes. Create provider & organizational templates for quick and easy communications; Patient clinical summary provides family with access to timeline of events, immunizations, and medications administered; Improve efficiency and save time by streamlining communication with your patients family & loved ones - decreasing redundant conversations.

Seamless PointClickCare Integration

Through real-time integration, important patient and family information is readily available within the CareLoop platform. Retrieve the list of advance directives for a patient. Advance directives allow a patient to spell out their decisions about end of life care ahead of time; Returns the list of Active and On Hold Nutrition Orders for a specified patient; Retrieve a list of admit, transfer and discharge (ADT) record entries for a patient. ADT entries include actions such as admission, discharge, internal room transfer, death, leave of absence, primary payer details; Retrieve a list of immunization and vaccine records for a patient; Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations; Retrieve all medications for a given patient within a certain facility; Retrieve patient's contacts assigned in PointClickCare; Retrieve name, role, and settings about the PointClickCare user that is logged in.

Automated Messages and Touchpoints

Save time through automated and streamlined communications with the entire family. Back and forth missed calls and redundant conversations are a thing of the past. CareLoop provides automated messages (e.g., medications, immunizations, etc.) to empower residents and their family members to have access their clinical summary without burdening the care team.

Broadcast Messaging

Allow for clear & efficient communication when time is of the essence. Provide timely, consistent, & accurate information across the entire organization by sending one message to all residents, their families and care team. Streamline processes related to CMS requirements (i.e. COVID requirements) and share crucial updates, resources, links, etc.. Maintain a digital audit trail with read receipts. By sending one unified message decrease your organizations need for redundant calls, conversations, & updates.

Automated Resident and Family Experience Surveys

Automate resident & family experience surveys to improve and streamline real-time feedback. Create scheduled or ad hoc surveys tailored to your organizations strategic initiatives. Send surveys after a resident is admitted, after discharge, or recurring based on on your organizations processes. Real-time feedback allows your team to celebrate your wins and make quick adjustments before constructive criticism turns into a compliant.

Care Coordination

Information and data made available via CareLoops integration into PointClickCare allows for care teams to coordinate across organizations. Care teams across organizations now have access to relevant information surrounding a patient, including direct asynchronous communication to the patient, family members, and entire care team.


CareLoop Overview

CareLoop Overview

Cloud-based communication, workflow optimization, and patient engagement.

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