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If you are caring for individuals that may become ill or injured, rather than sending them to the hospital, you can activate the DispatchHealth clinical team through DispatchExpress. It’s easy! Login to express.dispatchhealth.com. Request care. Your resident’s information will pull in directly from Point Click Care. Rest easy. DispatchHealth will contact you to onboard your resident, you’ll receive ongoing updates on the clinical team’s status.

Features and Benefits

PointClickCare Integration for Quick & Easy Access to Care

DispatchHealth built the product DispatchExpress to integrate with PointClickCare. This allows you to easily request care on behalf of a resident. Their information pulls in quickly to share with DispatchHealth in the event care is needed. Additionally, DispatchExpress provides visibility into clinical team availability, ETA and ongoing updates that let you know the status of your residents’ care.

Easily Activate In-home Urgent Medical Care

Now more than ever, the idea of your resident or patient leaving their home to seek urgent medical care is frightening. DispatchHealth treats patients at home, wherever their home might be, because we believe home is where your health is. Our clinical team can treat common to complex injuries and illnesses, all from the comfort of home. We work closely with senior living communities to build a safety-net around residents and reduce the need for medical care in an ER or Urgent Care.

Advanced Clinical Team with Advanced Clinical Capabilities

For every house call, DispatchHealth sends a physician assistant or nurse practitioner along with a medical technician. An on-call physician is always available via phone. They can treat a myriad of illness and injuries ranging from flu, to dehydration, to migraines and much more. We can also test for COVID-19, as well as treat people with a known positive test. Our medical teams follow strict protocol to keep our patients safe and wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to every visit. Here’s a full list of what we treat: https://www.dispatchhealth.com/what-we-treat/


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