eConfirm is a web-based platform engineered to allow visitors to schedule their visits on any device, at any time, from any location. eConfirm will also screen visitors, employees and vendors while tracking everything from check in to check out. All data is stored for real time reporting in the event a facility needs to do contact tracing.

Features and Benefits

Integration with PointClickCare

By creating an API integration with PCC, all patient data is uploaded nightly into eConfirm. Our goal is to provide a patient profile to 100% of all patients. A sampling of data too often provides misleading or inaccurate information. Since eConfirm monitors each and every visit which is associated with a unique patient, it's imperative that the API integration is efficient and accurate.

Managing the Schedule

eConfirm's comprehensive scheduler allows a facility to set a schedule which will in turn manage the amount of visitors a patient can see as well as how many patients can have a visitor during a time slot. The facility can determine the days visits can take place as well as creating blackout times when staff isn't available to assist with check ins. The facility has complete control of the first and last check in. Once the schedule is created, the system becomes the manager of all visits.


As with many platforms, eConfirm is built with a complete notification platform but we go one step farther. All alerts are sent via email and text of failed screenings of employees, vendors and or visitors. It will also alert relevant staff of successful check ins. All failed texts include the mobile number so a staff member is one click away from contacting the individual in the event a screening was completed incorrectly.


One of the biggest points of difference with eConfirm is the nimble reporting capability and client interface. Each facility's dashboard will show all upcoming visitors, pending visitors, current visitors, most recent visitors who have checked in/out as well as a complete history of all visitors. As with the visitor database, vendors and employee dashboards are similar in layout and any data point can be searched and exported.


eConfirm is built with a predictive cost model which means there is a one time set up fee and a monthly license fee that does not change during the length of the contract.. A facility knows what their monthly cost is the minute we launch the platform.

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