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DELE liberates and integrates data to solve one of the biggest problems of aging today – the problem of falling. We tie data streams from fall detection radars together with fall related PointClickCare data. Our machine learning algorithms identify patterns for each individual, which means we can not only detect and alert about falls, but also predict future falls. The DELE Fall Detection and Prediction solution sends alerts through any nurse call system, meaning you do not need to train your staff in a new system. DELE supports dignified aging - as a result our solutions are non-intrusive, meaning we ensure people are monitored in ethical ways.

Features and Benefits

Keep Residents Safe from Falling

The DELE Fall Solution monitors each resident´s room through a non-intrusive fall radar. Through the integration with PointClickCare data, the solution identifies changes in movement and understands a person’s well being.

Remote Resident Monitoring

The DELE Fall Solution uses an advanced radar mounted in every room that recognizes if a resident has fallen. When an emergent fall occurs, the fall alert is passed on to the nurse call system which then notifies the staff to act immediately. By utilizing a fall radar mounted in the room, there is lesser need for manual check-up rounds.

Integrate with any Nurse Call System

The DELE Fall Solution integrates with any kind of nurse call system, meaning you do not need to train your staff to utilize a new system.

Liberate your Data

DELE Data Fusion features collect data that impact fall probability. Our focus is to collect and exchange data with your other systems, and to utilize fall centric data in the best possible way that allows for a safer and healthier life for all seniors.

Privacy and Dignified Living

The radar we utilize to monitor the resident´s room is non-intrusive in its nature. Data privacy is also ensured through the integration with PointClickCare and the solution.

Integrated with PointClickCare

DELE pulls room ID and medication data from PointClickCare, and our algorithms compare whether changes in medication impact the fall probability. We will also integrate more data from PointClickCare in the future, such as nutritional data, as we know that also impacts fall probability. DELE´s fall alerts are passed on to any type of front end system, such as nurse call systems and hospitality suites.


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