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We are experts in transitions of care, helping bridge the gap between hospital and home Our unique, structured care model complements primary care, maximizes care coordination, and enables early identification of healthcare risks and rapid response to them. This communication tool allows patients, family, and nursing staff to alert physicians of changes in patient status, request prescription refills, and more. Attending physicians can review patient medical records directly in the communication tool, track the resolution of cases, and send updates and orders back to nursing staff via document upload to PointClickCare and/or fax.

Features and Benefits

Access to PointClickCare clinicial data directly in communication tool

Through our integration with PointClickCare, up-to-date clinical data is at physician fingertips when responding to cases. Physicians can review vitals, labs, medications, and more, all without leaving the communications tool.

Medications Details

With access to detailed clinical data from PointClickCare, physicans can make informed decisions about care without requiring the administrative headache of logging into a separate application.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Opening a case uses the facility patient listing to auto-fill patient contact information. Once the case is submitted, physicians can review PointClickCare clinical data (observations, medications, conditions, allergies, nutrition, labs, radiology, and immunizations) indirectly in the communication portal. When resolving a case, rather than sending a fax, physicians can upload a case summary directly to the facility via PointClickCare's document upload.

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