Engage⁺ by Evoke Health is a web application that enables long term care homes to share resident data in real-time with families. This self-service technology provides families with easy-to-understand, accurate health and care information thereby reducing nursing administration burdens like routine follow-up calls and phone-tag. Our direct secure messaging can be tailored to homes’ workflow to open up a secure communication channel between nurses and families. With our platform, the answer to “How’s mom doing today?” is just a click away for families, and nurses and care-aides at senior living homes can focus on what they do best, providing quality care to residents.

Features and Benefits


Engage⁺ does not require any download, installation, or infrastructure for setup and use. Our features include 24x7 access to health information, any latest update to the resident’s chart, messaging, mass notifications, outbreak alerts, appointment booking, Care Plan, and newsletter.

Provide Resident and Family centered care

Studies have shown that involving families in the circle of care leads to better resident health outcomes. With Engage⁺, long-term care homes can proactively engage families in the decision making and care of their residents. This in turn will help foster collaborative relationships with families, build trust and satisfaction while reducing conflicts and potential for complaints.

Save time for nursing staff

Engage⁺ directly integrates with PointClickCare to provide automated regular updates which will reduce, if not eliminate the need for nurses to field phone calls from families. With our secure messaging, families can easily send a message to a nurse without interrupting their workflow and nurses can reply to a family’s query when convenient to their own schedule.

Improve quality of communication

Engage⁺ allows for better communication and transparency in information sharing with an aim to shift conversation between nurses and families from monitoring questions to productive dialogue around improving resident health quality.

Easily Customizable

We understand that each long-term care home is unique and Engage⁺ can be easily customizable to support homes’ existing workflows and their unique needs.

21st Century Cures Act: Information Blocking

We can help you comply with the Information Blocking condition of the 21st Century Cures Act. Contact us to learn more.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Engage⁺ retrieves real-time information about the organization, residents, their demographic, POA contacts, and health information (vitals, medication, condition, allergies, immunization). Staff can log-in to our application using their PointClickCare Credentials.

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