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Smartcare Software is a complete, cloud-based platform for home care providers. With sophisticated automation, connected technologies, and advanced proactive analytics, Smartcare helps providers produce better patient outcomes, simplify back-office functions, and drive higher profitability. Features include dynamic scheduling, mobile point-of-care app, CRM, complete hiring platform with automated applicant engagement, caregiver retention toolset, marketing automation, EVV, custom forms, patient and family portals, predictive analytics, automated invoicing/payroll, and reporting insights. Make home care happen with Smartcare Software.

Features and Benefits

PointClickCare Integration

Smartcare users can pull-in client demographic, allergy, and diagnosis information from PointClickCare databases using a simple, intuitive interface - reducing the time from referral to initiating care.

Dynamic scheduling

Innovative, dynamic scheduling aligns your caregiver’s work preference with a client’s specific needs. Smartcare Software's drag and drop scheduling makes adding new clients and caregivers to the schedule easy. Color-coding and icon indicators help you quickly identify shift issues. Minimize missed shifts with caregiver shift reminders. Increase client and caregiver satisfaction with intelligent caregiver recommendations and matching. Control costs with overtime alerting, travel, and wage insights. Cover shifts instantly with availability, compatibility, and geographical location information at your fingertips. All while real-time alerting on late and missed shifts keep you informed.

Mobile Point-of-Care App

Enhance your care team's engagement and have Smartcare Software at your fingertips. Give the care team and office staff access to the details they need anywhere, anytime, on any device. Real-time access to schedules, care plans, route details, time tracking, documentation, and more. Apple iOS and Google Android compatible. Smartcare Software understands that home care agency managers and their teams aren't always in the office behind a desk. That's why Smartcare Software tailored its mobile app for each user's experience. From caregivers to schedulers to staff and administrators — Smartcare Software gives each user the tools they need to work anywhere!

Client & Family Portals

Enhance your engagement with your clients, their loved ones, and caregivers through Smartcare Software’s Family Portal. Provide real-time updates to your clients and their families with an easy-to-access tool that keeps them involved in the care of those they love. Smartcare Software’s family portal helps clients and their families quickly find details about their care, schedules, invoices, and important updates. Private payers can quickly view their spending history, invoices, approved hours, and make payments. And getting in touch with the home care agency or care team is easy with secure messaging.

Time and Payroll Management

Manage your payroll in minutes with Smartcare Software’s advanced payroll system designed specifically for home care agencies. Smartcare Software makes non-standard payroll processes easy. With just a few clicks from the dashboard, you can run payroll reports, approve pay, and send them to the payroll provider of your choice. Manage and automate payroll effortlessly. The Smartcare Software system enables multiple pay rates per employee and is customizable to the payer, contract, or client. Track overtime, travel time, expenses, vacation, holidays, in-servicing, and more with one easy-to-use solution. Features include unlimited pay rates, home care-specific payroll tracking, zero to gross payroll calculations, payroll processing and exporting to payroll provider of your choice, secure fully encrypted data, and complete payroll analytics and reports.

Caregiver Rewards

Engage and retain your caregivers with Smartcare Software's Caregiver Rewards - home care's first completely embedded caregiver engagement system. Smartcare Software made caregiver engagement easy by leveraging gamification principles to make the job fun - ultimately improving caregiver retention rates. With Caregiver Rewards, caregivers earn points by achieving goals defined by you, or just for doing a great job. Then, they use their points to redeem rewards offered by the agency. The caregiver's app always displays points, available rewards, and goals to keep them motivated. Encourage retention even more with optional multiplier levels, rewarding your long-standing employees. Make caregiver retention happen with Smartcare Software!

ENGAGE Hiring Hub

Effortlessly manage your caregiver recruitment and hiring process with Smartcare Software’s ENGAGE Hiring Hub. ENGAGE helps you speed up candidate management and significantly reduce time-to-hire with a configurable dashboard, integrated communications, and automated engagement campaigns. From posting the job online to making the job offer, ENGAGE keeps track of all your hiring activities.

Real-time KPIs

Forget stacks of reports that are out-of-date in minutes. Smartcare's real-time KPIs are the secret sauce you need to understand your agency’s performance and make adjustments to achieve your goals.

Automation & ML

Smartcare Software's automation and machine learning do the work so you can concentrate on caring for your clients. We provide automation where and when you need it - from hiring to billing and payroll! You'll reduce scheduling time with dynamic scheduling and advanced scheduling rules. Advanced caregiver/client matching algorithms improve both employee and client satisfaction. And you'll find your workflow works for you with flexible configuration and custom workflow tools.


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