TaperMD is a web-based system, in use in clinical trials at multiple community and long term care sites, which now integrates patient information from PointClickCare into a Consultant Pharmacist’s (CPs) Drug Regimen Review (DRR) dashboard to save time, provide a process framework, clinical assistance, and improve quality and prescriber acceptance of recommendations while maximizing patient outcomes.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Dashboard

In a single view, users can see all the information relevant to reviewing a patient's medication regimen. This includes the patient vitals, lab results, conditions, allergies, history, and practitioner information, along with the current and historical medication orders, so that it's easy to track patient information over time. Recommendations and changes are tracked in a structured way, for quick entry and easy tracking or reporting.

Easily Accessible Clinical Evidence

Clinical evidence custom to each patient is available in an easily usable visual format for quick triaging and identification of potential medication issues. This allows for quick evaluation of: Cumulative anticholinergic burden; Cumulative risk for serotonin syndrome; Hypotension and fall risk; QT prolongation and Torsades de pointes (TdP) risk; Potentially inappropriate medicines (PIMs); Dose adjustments for impaired kidney function; and Medication appropriateness for dementia. Additionally, TaperMD provides clinical guidance for tapering major medication classes (also known as gradual dose reductions), including information that can be shared across the patient's team on the rate of taper, risks, symptoms to expect, and important things to monitor for the patient.

Easy Report Generation

With TaperMD, it is easy to see, generate, and save patient reports that are customized to your needs. With a two-way integration, Patient reports can optionally be automatically exported and saved on the patient record in PointClickCare, for easy record keeping and quick reference by nursing staff or the patient's prescriber.


The TaperMD platform is a cloud-based platform, meaning there are no applications to install or backups to manage. The data in TaperMD will be in sync across all users in your organization automatically, for easy records management and reporting. TaperMD uses the latest security standards and data is encrypted and saved securely both in transit and at rest.

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