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Serving future-proof food and beverage Point-of-Sale solutions across the diverse hospitality landscape. Unlock your deepest potential, streamline your operations, and enhance your guest experience with Volanté. We are not just your POS vendor; we are your technology partner.

Features and Benefits

Account Management

Advanced software coordinates resident profiles with photo identification to keep staff members informed and up to date on allergies, special request notices, and special needs for assistance. Robust CRM supports declining balance, account tracking, and multi-meal plans. With our user-friendly interface, family members can check account status, past transactions, and reload funds, while staff members focus on monitoring resident activity.

Enterprise Control

Centralized Menu Management provides the ability to implement, manage, and monitor menu configurations, securities, financials, and resident profiles across multiple facilities from head-office. Data can be accessed in real-time for visibility of everything from single-resident transactions to site sales summaries.

Meal Management

User-friendly menu design enables facility staff members to create menus quickly and effortlessly, allowing them to spend more time with residents and less time searching for items on the POS screen. Volanté’s multi-meal management software incorporates a convenient cashless feature that authorizes the purchases of retail items, spa services, special activity programs, and meals offered at your retirement or senior living facility.

Elaborate Reporting

Volanté’s extensive real-time reporting capabilities and remote Cloud access allow managers clear insight into all aspects of business quickly and easily. Managers can obtain the information they need, from broad statistics across locations down to individual residents’ records. Leveraging comprehensive and secure resident data and transaction records, managers can generate the most versatile, detailed, advanced, accurate, and easy-to-read reports.

Tablet, Web, and Mobile Ordering

Volanté’s ultra-sleek yet rugged Mobile Tablet POS enables you to conveniently serve residents whether they’re lounging around in common areas or in their own rooms. Engage your users as they scroll through visually appealing menus, pictures, and customizable options with their server. At the touch of a button, requests are communicated to the kitchen. Purchases are logged in a Cloud-based CRM for simplified resident activity tracking, future menu planning, and managing inventory. Expand your service offering with web and mobile ordering. User-friendly, colorful web and mobile applications allow customers to select the date and time that they'd like to pick up their order, browse your diverse menus, and pay by credit card - all from the comfort of their room.

Exceptional Security

Volanté puts security first, providing EMV and contactless payment solutions with point-to-point encryption.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Volante's Customer Database integrates and imports demographic and food allergy information of residents from PointClickCare.


Volanté Systems - The Self Serve Kiosk

Volanté Systems - The Self Serve Kiosk

Volanté kiosks are revolutionizing the way people order in quick-service restaurants and cafeterias. With exceptional ease of navigation, customers receive exactly what they want, when they want. The peak of hospitality technology to maximize all aspects of order-taking has arrived.

Volanté Systems Stadium POS - Rogers Cup Tennis Testimonial

Volanté Systems Stadium POS - Rogers Cup Tennis Testimonial

Create a unified and simplified POS environment across your stadium by consolidating a variety of POS technologies under the umbrella of one integrated system. Unlock your full potential with software that streamlines your operations and addresses all of your hospitality service requirements. Volanté knows what matters to stadium, event complex, amusement park and attraction operators. Keeping lines short, accurate reports on inventory management and clear insights across all events is critical to the success of your venue, are all enabled by Volanté’s Enterprise stadium module.

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