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eForms simplifies paper-based processes that take up valuable staff time by streamlining workflows around resident admissions, consent, and audits. Forms that once had to be completed manually now prepopulate with resident demographic information using eForms’ PointClickCare integration. Digital entry ensures information is correct the first time, thereby reducing the occurrence of errors in your forms. eForms provides an effective way to improve compliance management across your organization. Transform hours lost to paperwork into more time to achieve your operational and revenue goals.

Features and Benefits

Time-saving integrations

Digital form fields are prepopulated with resident data from within PointClickCare, cutting completion times.

New view of your resident population

Resident data is digitally captured at the point of admission, providing greater visibility into your resident population and letting you track signatures, compliance metrics, adoption, and more.

Remote signature collection

Securely and remotely capture signatures from residents or their designated Power of Attorney via email, expediting documentation and admission while reducing courier costs, eliminating the need for scanners and fax machines, and saving time.

Turn form data into analytics insights

Make resident data accessible to analytics and dashboard reporting at the macro-to-micro level, generating new insights and exposing inefficiencies.

Light IT impact and fast training

eForms can be quickly implemented with minimal involvement of IT teams and requires less than one week of training for users.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Our integration leverages both the facility and patient APIs in order to retrieve and keep patient information updated for our clients to use in our EntryPoint eForms application.

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