Rovicare is a cloud-based transition and care coordination automation software platform. It integrates seamlessly with electronic medical records (EMRs) to eliminate clerical work and streamline patient transitions across the care continuum. Rovicare addresses bottlenecks and inefficiencies that lead to delayed discharge, patient dissatisfaction, avoidable readmissions, and poor partner accountability—all of which lead to increased costs, missed revenue opportunities for providers, and potentially detrimental outcomes for patients. Rovicare engages all stakeholders throughout a patient’s journey and effectively captures patient satisfaction during the stay and post-discharge. This helps in limiting patients’ concerns, reducing readmission, and achieving better outcomes. Transition smoothly with Rovicare, from anywhere, to anywhere.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Care Transitions

Care Coordination and Patient transitions are simplified and streamlined with Rovicare. Our powerful software allows users to search for healthcare partners using a variety of filters. Patient referrals can be sent to multiple providers at once in minutes with a few clicks. Providers can exchange patient data real-time in our easy to use portal. Referrals can be reviewed and accepted quickly, expediting the discharge process.

Mobile App

Send and accept referrals anywhere, anytime using our mobile app.

Streamlined Communication in one Hub

Streamline communication and improve collaboration with HIPAA compliant communication tools. Exchange patient information, chat with partners, or collaborate within your team to improve patient care through better communication. Using our patient portal, referral process and chat feature our clients can easily communicate with all stakeholders and keep everyone up to date throughout the patient's care transition.

Customizable Patient Surveys

Customizable patient surveys provide organizations with detailed feedback to identify strengths and improve where needed. Survey templates are pre-loaded for a multitude of surveys including: weekly check in during a patient's stay, post care transition surveys, and post discharge surveys. The fully customizable format empowers teams to create a survey which targets their specific service lines and patient needs.

Patient Dashboard

Patients and families can easily stay up to date throughout a patient's stay and care transition. The patient dashboard can be accessed via email or text message. Multiple family members may be added so that all family members can view care transition updates at anytime. All of a patient's health care providers and follow up appointments are found here. This tool acts as a appointment reminder, and comprehensive recap of a patient's providers during an episode of care. In addition, the patient dashboard is home to the SOS feature which allows families or patients in distress to notify the healthcare facility immediately so that their needs may be addressed

Integrated with PointClickCare

Rovicare seamlessly integrates with PointClickCare to capture the data required for care coordination and care transition of the patient. It syncs with PointClickCare from time to time to keep the updated list of current patients in the facility so the discharge planner and care coordinator can utilize the system without doing redundant work.

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