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SmartClinix brings revolution in care delivery by enabling systems to provide care through telemedicine. At SmartClinix we understand that Telemedicine is not just a video link between the patient and the provider. Hence through SmartClinix comprehensive solution, teleconsultations are a complete simulation of in-person consultations with equal if not higher levels of patient engagement & satisfaction, and much higher time & cost efficiency than conventional modes of care delivery.

Features and Benefits

Telemedicine & Video portal

Practice anytime, from anywhere! SmartClinix allows practices & establishments to expand to all service areas through HIPAA compliant televideo portal, resulting in increased outreach which leads to better revenues. Smoother delivery of service also results in better patient satisfaction, as well as enhances physician’s convenience.

Paperless Registration & Scheduling

SmartClinix provides simple and quick online scheduling and registration for your patients. Online registration & appointment scheduling results not only in paperless proceedings but also allows caregivers to attend to patients from anywhere.

Patient Communication & Education

Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, which is the heart and art of medicine. Our solution allows patients & providers to omit phone calls and communicate in a more optimized manner as well as share educational material with patients including videos and audios.

Electronic Health Record

SmartClinix Electronic Health Record is designed by top healthcare and IT professionals to streamline the practice of physicians with complete clinical automation allowing you to access the medical history of the patients anytime from anywhere. Moreover our solution provides customizable workflows for clinical encounters for all specialties, as well as in-network case referral capability.

Customized Solution

Physician’s way to practice and collecting data varies from specialty to specialty and it is important to choose an EMR that can rely on your specialty needs. We know that physicians are skilled at doing the treatments not configuring the software so choose what suits your practice best. Our solution allows physicians to easily create their own specialty driven templates with optimized workflows for all varieties of specialties.

Integrated with PointClickCare

SmartClinix integrates patient's demographics, vitals and medications directly from PointClickCare


Start practicing online today!

Start practicing online today!

Digital health is the future of healthcare and encompasses various services including e-communications with patients, online scheduling, Telemedicine, integrations and clinical intelligence protocols, which are becoming essential components of a medical practice . However every medical practice is unique in its needs and having a right customizable solution at right price is the key for better productivity & work-flow optimization. That’s what makes SmartClinix a very unique and natural choice for many independent medical practices.

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