Our mission is to increase your new patient acquisition by helping you develop and improve your online reputation on Google, Facebook, and other review platforms. We've developed a review management tool designed to help automate and simplify the process for both you and your staff along with your patients & their family members. With our PointClickCare integration, you will never have to ask for or follow-up to get another online review ever again. The average Fiveoak customer increases reviews by 125% within the first 30 days, and sees an annual revenue increase of 5-9% by developing a review-centric facility. Have questions? Let's talk!

Features and Benefits

Review Automation

With our PointClickCare integration, our 2 systems will communicate to each other each time a patient is discharged which allows you to set your online review process on auto-pilot.

Email & SMS Review Requests

The average SMS is read 97% of the time while emails are opened 5-10% of the time. Our SMS technology is designed to make the review collection process fast and simple for your patients & their family members. If a mobile number isn't on file, we will still send review requests via email!

Get notified & respond to reviews

We will notify you and your team every-time you get a new online review and make it easy to respond through our centralized review dashboard.

Social proof card

With 87% of decision makers relying on online reviews to help make medical-based decisions, we've built a tool for you to be able to spotlight the latest/greatest reviews on your website to help increase consumer confidence. Put your online reputation to work for you!

Customized branding & messaging

Our design team will work with you to design all of the SMS/email assets that will go out on your behalf with your logo & colors. You also have the ability to customize all of the wording that will go out to ensure the voice/tone matches your brand messaging.

Multi-location centralization

Do you have multiple facilities? We specialize in working with franchise and multi-location brands to ensure head office/upper management has a steady pulse on which locations are over/under performing. Online reviews is a great KPI to make sure everyone is executing at the same level.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Once activated, Fiveoak's system will be notified each time a patient is discharged via the PointClickCare integration. Once discharged, Fiveoak will be pulling the patient's contact's information (name/mobile/email) and send them a branded message to provide feedback on their recent experience for that specific account/location.

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