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We have partnered with Samsung and Verizon to provide a best in class, GPS, LTE, watch based solution for both emergency help needs, and population health initiatives. We provide a truly mobile, GPS location based personal emergency response platform, call system, and remote health monitoring capabilities built in, which include Remote Patient Monitoring, Principle Care Management, and Chronic Care Management. Facility physicians can utilize our technology for robust Medicare reimbursement programs that benefit the long term health of the patients, customer retention for the facility, and family satisfaction in the safety and wellness options provided for that loved one. We can partner with facilities and their physicians to initiate these health program offerings to the benefit of all parties involved.

Features and Benefits


Our HIPAA compliant platform enables you to manage your population of HelpWatch wearers in your community. Manage things like patient names, patient health program enrollment, room numbers, emergency contacts for when they might use their help button. Investigate things like patient vitals, peripheral health data, watch location, and a monthly report of available recommended billing codes for maximizing Medicare reimbursement. Our platform also enables community care physicians to enroll patients in the community in three different kinds of remote monitoring programs that are all reimbursement eligible via Medicare CPT billing codes. This includes Remote Patient Monitoring which can be viewed in simpler terms as a kind of population health. Also, Principle Care Management is available for those with one chronic condition a physician wishes to monitor remotely. The third program is Chronic Care Management, which requires 2 or more chronic conditions a physician would like to monitor. These programs help keep your community retain residents with a healthier, safer lifestyle, while remaining in their unit as long as possible. These programs are available to more independent forms of communities, not to 24/7 skilled nursing care.


Our personal emergency response software, combined with Samsung's flagship LTE watch hardware, and Verizon's award winning LTE connectivity allows HelpWatch to deliver a best in class GPS PERS system for seniors. Whether a resident is in their unit, anywhere on the grounds, or anywhere in the country (cellular service permitting), HelpWatch can notify the essential staff and emergency contacts with two-way voice, and location data based emergency text alerts. You choose the best party to monitor your community, therefore monitoring agents who send the police and an ambulance every time are not required. This same system can also be used as a facility wide nurse call system with two-way voice and location based technology if desired. The watches are also an integral part in our remote health monitoring programs. Health data collected by these watches automatically updates to our platform to fulfill health monitoring program requirements.

Peripheral health devices

We can provide a wide array of peripheral health devices to collect things like blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygenation, temperature, and so on. The flexibility of the HelpWatch platform to accommodate many peripheral health devices data types allows for a robust health monitoring eco-system that can help physicians manage the many needs of a complex community of senior residents with a wide variety of health conditions.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Our platform pushes regular updates regarding the health data collected in our platform, directly into the client's records in PCC. We also receive regular updates and information from the client's PCC records such as patient names, rooms or unit numbers, and emergency contacts so that all patient information is kept up to date.

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