eAdmit serves admission counselors well by eliminating hours spent on completing and tracking down paper admission packets. eAdmit's state of the art platform is more than an e-signature tool. Its robust platform allows for detailed forms to be completed and authenticated. eAdmit can take a complicated form such as a vaccination history report or a Medicare questionnaire and make it a dynamic and patient friendly document. Its cloud based platform allows for admission packets to be completed on any device, at any time and in any location. Our data has shown that admission counselors save up to 70% of time spent on the admission process. The time saved equates to the time spent on increasing census and building relationships.

Features and Benefits

Integration with PointClickCare

By creating an API integration with PointClickCare, all patient data is uploaded nightly into eAdmit. Our goal is to provide a patient profile to 100% of all patients. A sampling of data too often provides misleading or inaccurate information. Since eAdmit monitors each and every pending patient which is then associated with a pending admission packet, it's imperative that the API integration is efficient and accurate. With a streamlined integration, a patient packet can be created and ready to sign with just two clicks away.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

eAdmit's robust and user friendly platform allows Patients and Responsible Parties to review and sign their documents when and where its most convenient for them. A facility never has to ask, "When can you come in to sign a packet?" The fully integrated online platform makes signing the admission packets less stressful and much more efficient. Tested and fully optimized for any device, the patient and responsible party always has access to the signed and completed document on their individual profile. eAdmit is the platform of choice when selecting an e-admission partner.

Affordability no matter the size of company

eAdmit is built with a predictive cost model which means there is a one time set up fee and a monthly license fee that does not change during the length of the contract. A facility knows what their monthly cost is the minute we launch the platform. So what does this truly mean? It means that regardless of the number of admissions or readmissions you have, the monthly fee doesn't change. We truly believe that every Senior Living facility that has the vision to automate the admission process, should be able to afford it.

PROVEN in time studies

eAdmit's process has cut the time an admission counselor is managing the paper admission process by 70%. How do we know? Because we continue to test and track results. Each packet contains an audit trail that clearly identifies when the packet was sent, when it was reviewed, when it was signed and when it was completed.

Packet Review and FLOW

eAdmit is not a cookie cutter platform. You decide the order and flow of your packet. Your admissions packet is yours - you decide what it is and how it flows. eAdmit just simplifies how you get there. And in the event you want to make sure your packet is up to date and includes all the documents that keep your facilities compliant and legally sound, our partnership with EVOLVE Admission can do just that. eAdmit works with you and EVOLVE to ensure your documents are safe and sound.

Form builder machine = up to date packets ALWAYS!

e-Signatures are just part of eAdmit's functionality. eAdmit's form builder creates comprehensive and detailed documents. Our form building machine allows for full logic and rule creation turning a static document into a full blown dynamic piece of art. From a complicated vaccination history document to a Medicare questionnaire, eAdmit will ensure all documents are completed with all required information. Because the form builder is extremely nimble, a facility can have a new form up in no time.

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