Polypharmacy (taking multiple medications) is extremely common and can be harmful for older adults. It is the number one risk factor for dangerous medication-related complications such as adverse drug events. Falls, fractures, and delirium from polypharmacy are responsible for tens of thousands of preventable hospital visits and admissions annually in Canada. Deprescribing is the process of a supervised medication review to identify potentially inappropriate medications. These are medications that are known to cause harmful side effects and with deprescribing can be decreased, gradually stopped, or changed to a safer option. MedSafer is a proven technological solution that provides a roadmap for deprescribing and decreases polypharmacy.

Features and Benefits

Clinically Informed Criteria

MedSafer applies an electronic evidence-based set of criteria, derived from current research, and established scientific guidelines that address polypharmacy. MedSafer provides information on why a medication might be harmful and how to safely deprescribe it. The MedSafer app is integrated with PointClickCare and processes medical conditions in the format of ICD10 codes and medications using drug identification numbers (DINs). MedSafer is fast, effective, and safe at facilitating deprescribing – there’s no manual data entry. The software has been developed and validated by Canadian experts in internal medicine, geriatrics, palliative care, nursing, and pharmacy. The MedSafer app displays deprescribing opportunities directly on the PointClickCare interface.

Resident Specific

A resident’s medications, comorbidities, select laboratory values and a measure of prognosis are considered by the App to generate an individualized and prioritized set of "deprescribing opportunities" for the clinical team to consider. Opportunities are prioritized based on potential for harm and ease of discontinuation. When necessary, instructions for tapering medications are provided, as well as links to supporting evidence and where they exist, resident and family empowerment brochures to facilitate shared decision making.

Easy-to-Use Technology

MedSafer is built on cloud-based, user-friendly technology that runs within PointClickCare on your current tablet or computer; no hardware or equipment investment is required.

PointClickCare Integration

Integration between PointClickCare and MedSafer provides greater ease of use and efficient workflows for Long-Term Care home staff, prescribers and pharmacists. Current and new resident profiles automatically sync from PointClickCare to MedSafer, allowing users to easily receive a report on deprescribing opportunities. Consultant pharmacist and prescriber progress notes will also automatically sync from a resident’s medication profile to their PointClickCare profile. Additionally, a PDF report can be automatically generated and sent to the resident’s file when a medication change has occurred.

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