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Innovative Med Solution is an EMR and Billing company for Wound Care groups and Wound Specialist. Streamlining the communication between wound specialist and nursing staff at skilled and long-term communities. Our cloud based solution makes referrals to wound specialist easy. Innovative Med Solution and PointClickCare integration allows for sharing of patient information, primary care information, vitals, insurance info, and weekly visit notes from a wound specialist.

Features and Benefits

Electronic Referrals and Patient List

Simplify patient referrals and patient lists with a click. Easy referral to a wound specialist without leaving PCC. No need to create a paper list, fax, print, or copy any patient info and documentation.

Wound Documentation Sent Directly to PointClickCare

Documentation completed by the wound team during rounds will be sent directly into PointClickCare instantaneously. View your wound assessments, measurements, etiology, orders, etc. all in PointClickCare, as it should be.

Streamline Nursing Workflow

Direct integration with PointClickCare allows to free up countless hours of post wound round nursing administrative work. From ensuring orders and recommendations are fulfilled quickly, to eliminating redundant documentation, eliminating the need to download and attach each wound care note to the patient chart. No need to wait several days for a provider pdf copy via fax, email or portal.

Error Free Documentation

Documentation is completed during rounds with your wound specialist. Eliminating any errors that can develop while documentation changes hands. No need for nurses to interpret providers freehand writing. No use of medical transcription team to interpret provider documentation.

Patient Care Continuity

Trigger referrals for telemedicine or home visits prior to discharge.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Innovative Med Solution and PointClickCare integration simplifies the coordination of care between the healthcare facility and the wound care provider. Easily trigger the patient referral, share patient information, and receive the wound care providers visit note directly from PointClickCare.

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