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Dietary Manager Online is designed by Operators with over 45 years of experience running all types of Healthcare Foodservices. Our management team continues to be active in operational and consulting roles every day. We don't just sell our software, we run it every day as we support our operation clients. For Operators who are tired of software that take all their time to keep it running. Dietary Manager Online is the answer. Enhances your ability to control every facet of your operation, with fully integrated functionality across all daily activities. Predict cost then track them to see how you did. You can know what you are spending long before accounting gets you your last month cost statements.

Features and Benefits

Turn Key

Dietary Manager takes the pain out of Software roll out. We know you have to run your business, so our team takes the lead in setting up and configuring every aspect of the solution. You serve as the Knowledge Resource we do the work. Start to finish in two weeks!!!!

Ease of Navigation

Getting around Dietary Manager Online is intuitive. All the data you need for a specific work activity is right there where you need it, no opening and closing files and folders, what you need where you need it.

Comprehensive Solution

Dietary Manager address every aspect of a Dietary Department. We go beyond the standard tray tickets and production sheets to deliver solutions for tracking and controlling Floor Stocks, Catering, Inventory, Ordering and coming soon Staffing Management.

Enhanced Resident Satisfaction

Daily you are faced with meeting the meal time preferences of more demanding customers. Our team knows your pain, because we still manage food operation on a daily basis. Dietary Manager Online is designed to improve your ability to deliver meals that meet the Resident's preferences the first time. Our customers tell us, "The phone calls at tray time have significantly dropped since we started Dietary Manager Online". Getting your Residents what they want the first time improves Resident satisfaction, reduces staff stress and reduces cost.

You Are In Control

You control every aspect of Dietary Manager Online. Your Ingredient list is yours. Your Recipe File is yours. Your menus are yours. You have total control over your Account and how you use Dietary Manager Online. Our goal is to work with you to get the most out of what we offer.

Multi Unit Operations

Dietary Manager Online supports multi-unit operations with full control of all aspects of the locations systems and ability to develop user guide, recipes and menus at the corporate level and deliver to associated location. Our multi-tier structure allows for corporates users to identify regions or different service types with multi location under each. We support Single multi-unit administrative users with a single login for their unit.

PointClickCare Integration

Dietary Manager online is pleased to be able to easily integrate information from PointClickCare into our dietary solution. Our solution allows for the standard ADT type exchange as well as the new real time web API for nutrition orders. No more unreadable diet slips!

Online Training

Dietary Manager Online is the only software that comes with an online training solution with over 40 Dietary specific topics and 20 OSHA related topics. Make training fun and reduce the wasted time trying to get groups together. Every student has private access from their phone or iPad. You get reports to let you know how they are doing. We also have options for surveying staff to see how they are doing. Improve your turn over and save time and money.

PPD Management

No other organization can guarantee your PPD. Dietary Manager Online can! Our extensive experience as operators put us in a position to assist you with running your Dietary Operations. Our service provides the best of both worlds, You keep control and get the benefits of over 45 years of industry experience. Cost isn't just about food. If we save you 1 FTE you're talking about $25,000 + in operation impact.

Dietary Manager Online-Virtual Mentor

We are here to support you every step of the way. Our team has years of experience in all aspect of Dining Services. Our team of CIA trained Chefs, Dietitians, Operational and Training Specialist, are there for you, when you need them. You can schedule virtual appointment with any of our professional team members when it works for you. Do virtual walk throughs of your department and get instant feedback on how things look. Get answers to question you have through email, phone or virtual meeting. You are not in it alone any more. Our team will work with you to enhance menu programs, improve cost, raise resident satisfaction, improve productivity and make your job easier.

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