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CompMed's customers are physicians who practice in long-term post acute care and require support with billing for their services. CompMed and PointClickCare seamlessly interface with each other to allow providers to effectively exchange patient data in real time. With this integration, providers can guarantee that the CompMed billing team has the most up to date patient demographics. Eliminating the need to print a facesheet or constantly go back and forth with the facility on patient demographics. This in turn will increase overall cash flow and help eliminate patient involvement on incorrect insurance information that they have already provided to the facility.

Features and Benefits

Revenue Cycle Management for Long-Term Care Physicians

We've seen a lot of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies that simply process claims and post payments, then call it a day. However, at CompMed, we believe that Revenue Cycle Management should be full service from start to finish. From maintaining all aspects of provider and group Credentialing to following up on all denied claims. While constantly adding to our data quality algorithms to prevent future denials, thus increasing cash flow for physicians practicing in long-term care.

Integrated with PointClickCare

CompMed has developed a real time application that allows for a seamless integration with PointClickCare for all patient demographics. By having real time access to patient demographics, CompMed is able to import those demographics into our billing system and allow for Insurance Changes/Updates to be imported as well. This ensures CompMed always has the latest insurance for a patient and eliminates any denials for out dated patient demographics.

Improved Cash Collections

On average CompMed clients see an increase in revenue by a minimum of 5-10% in the first year! Through industry leading processes and proprietary technology find out how CompMed can increase your collections.

Business Intelligence (BI)

CompMed Business Intelligence is leading the industry when it comes to RCM reporting for physicians practices. Our real-time Business Intelligence reporting allows you to have full control of your practice and be able to make calculated business decisions to help grow your practice. CompMed has a dedicated Business Intelligence team on staff to help push the edge on reporting and ensuring your practice has everything they need.

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