Fully Managed GCs User Account Provisioning (UAP)



Time-consuming and outdated manual processes around critical activities like user account provisioning (UAP) and password resets are roadblocks to greater efficiency, productivity, and security. A Gateway to Automation & Greater Efficiency: Fully Managed GrandCentral Senior Care (GCs) is designed to help providers modernize and automate critical processes, save valuable time, and enhance security. With GCs you can: Automate user account provisioning, simplifying onboarding and offboarding processes; Lay the groundwork for enhanced security measures like secure single-sign-on and automated password resets; Access an audit trail of records and transactions through a user-friendly portal; Get up and running fast with our QuickStart program.

Features and Benefits

Automated user account provisioning

GrandCentral gives you the power to simplify and streamline the user account provisioning process: Easy, efficient setup of new user accounts; System flexibility allows you to make modifications on the fly; Ability to pre-set expiration dates for management of short-term users like agency staff and surveyors.

Improved security & peace of mind

Automated UAP paves the way for enhanced security measures: Meet increasing industry demand for heightened secure protocols; Enable implementation of secure single-sign on; Create auditable trail of record creation and actions.

Standardized processes

Automation helps you create accurate, repeatable processes: Accelerate automation plans to include self-service password resets; Establish new, improved processes to support care teams and residents; Improve resource allocation and efficiency across multiple departments.

Customizable user-friendly interface

Easy-to-use GrandCentral portal can be customized to match your branding, making it friendly and familiar for users.

Industry-leading platform

GrandCentral is built on the industry-leading workflow automation platform ServiceNow, giving you a powerful, dependable, and best-practice approach for process improvement

Fast return on investment

Easily achieved ROI and time savings for your facility. What took hours/days to achieve, now takes minutes.

Integrated with PointClickCare

GrandCentral Senior Care (GCs) automates PointClickCare user account creation, modification, and deactivation through direct integration between GCs and PointClickCare. The integration includes data validation and helps prevent data duplication.

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