Supportive Care


Supportive Care provides behavioral health services to nursing homes, assisted living, and other patient care centers. We have an extraordinary team of clinicians who provide a full range of psychological, behavioral, pharmacological, and mental health services to residents residing in skilled nursing, assisted living and Memory Care facilities. We ensure that the professionals that we contract with are experienced and qualified. We staff Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’S). Our process is seamless. The initial evaluation includes the BIMS and PHQ-9 We know how vital communication is. Our clients are promised access to contact their professionals whenever needed. Besides the private session, we also offer, group therapy, family and Staff Therapy.

Features and Benefits

Automatic Documentation Uploads

Receive clinicians progress notes, evaluations, BIMS and PHQ9 in real time.


Our evaluations include the PHQ9 assessment which helps the facility accurately capture depression and behaviors.

Staff In Services and Continuing Education

Let our trained clinicians provide in services and education to your staff on a variety of topics relevant to caring for patients in the skilled nursing setting.

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