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Seasons Hospice is a community-based organization with an ongoing mission to find creative solutions that add quality to end-of-life care. The caregivers at Seasons Hospice hold steadfast to the patient/family focus of hospice care. Seasons built a physician documentation solution and integration with PointClickCare to seamlessly interface visit notes with PointClickCare to reduce the amount of documentation. Seasons' eNote application provides scheduling, billing, and visit tracking program for visits.

Features and Benefits

Integrated with PointClickCare

The Seasons eNote Physician documenation tool is integrated with the PointClickCare platform to provide real-time documentation sharing. Documents completed in eNote such as assessments, visit notes, etc, can be pushed automatically to PointClickCare, no more faxing, emailing, printing or scanning of notes.

Cloud Based Solution

Using state of the art technology, our platform has been deployed as a cloud-based solution on HIPAA-compliant servers hosted on Microsoft Azure. Physicians can create documents anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The data is fully encrypted and backed up so that it is secure and accessible at all times.

Device Agnostic

Talk, tap or type to create documents. Our cutting-edge technology enables you to create encounter documentation on multiple devices such as a laptop, iPad, Android or any other device. We leverage the underlying functionality of the device and offer many options for human interaction such as touch-based tablets (tap), voice input (talk), and electronic signatures.

Documentation in minutes

Our intuitive and easy to use web application gathers patient’s information from multiple data sources and incorporates that data automatically into your encounter documents. Our app presents best practice guidelines, enabling completeness that minimizes coding oversight and claim rejection.

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