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Our services include: PointClickCare conversion, transition and training assistance for both Financial / AR and GLAP, outsourced back office accounting services, accounts receivable billing and collections, clinical consulting (including chart reviews, training, coding, assessments, 5-Star quality), reimbursement consulting (including preparation and analysis of Medicaid and Medicare cost reports and rate setting), as well as traditional tax and audit services. We have a long-standing relationship with PointClickCare and look forward to building the same relationship with you and your team.

Features and Benefits

Back Office Accounting Services

Are you spending more time on your accounting when you should be focusing on patient care and operations? Your business is providing care and service to your residents while maintaining a team of well-trained and educated staff members who provide quality care to those residents. An  organization’s  back  office  management  can  significantly  impact  its  success. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily, weekly, and monthly  basis and that requires an effective back office solution. Our industry specific expertise helps us to tailor customized back office services that  match  your  business  needs.  We  aim  to  enhance your  service  delivery  excellence  while  ensuring  compliance  with  industry  standards. Our services provide you with the timely information you need to make informed decisions regarding your operations. This enhanced business efficiency can lead to improved bottom‐line financial results. The systems include: * Month end close process * Management reporting * General ledger maintenance * Accounts payable/disbursement review and processing * Accounts receivable billing and collections * Payroll (service provider) * Cash flow analysis * Bank account reconciliations * Trust account reconciliations * Provider fee reporting * Budgeting * Fixed assets * Training * PointClickCare Training and Transition Support

Accounts Receivable Billing and Collections Assistance

Our strategy focuses on driving value to our clients through creating a streamlined, sustainable process that results in predictable cash flow. Services we provide include the following: Oversight of all billing and collection operations Medicare and third-party billing Medicaid billing Aging review Accounts receivable recovery Compliance and assessment Forecasting of cash receipts Education and training (billing) We provide on-going support and training to the Business Office Managers regarding the AR processes and procedures, as well as proper set-up to ensure all payers revenue is generating correctly. We can also work with your accounting team during the month end close process to ensure all deposits are recorded, any allowance for uncollectible accounts is identified and the accounts receivable subledger reconciles to the general ledger. These services are tailored to your needs. We can be as hands-on as needed to assist if your business office team needs full training, a refresher or fill-in services.

Clinical Consulting Services

Our clinical team (lead by Carol Maher, RN-BC, RAC-MTA, RAC-MT, CPC) provides training and support for many long-term care and assisted living communities across the country. The team focuses on chart reviews, clinical records, documentation support, case mix analyses, quality measures reviews, compliance issues and programs. Much of this work can be done remotely through the review of the electronic health records maintained within PointClickCare. The team has been most beneficial recently reviewing quality measures where the Medicaid reimbursement rate is affected by the results of those measures. If you operate in a state where Quality Measures impact your Medicaid rate, let us help ensure you are being paid for the care that is being given.

Reimbursement Services

We have a team dedicated to the preparation and analysis of Medicaid and Medicare cost reports and Medicaid rate projections. We have extensive relationships on state and national levels, many going back decades. We are uniquely qualified to monitor emerging trends that impact your business and recommend strategies to optimize reimbursement within the ever-changing constraints of the long-term care industry reimbursement systems. Our reimbursement team prepares Medicaid cost reports in nearly 25 states. We work with participating states for the annual AHCA Medicaid Shortfall Report, which provides invaluable information into potential legislative and reimbursement changes.

Medicare PPS and Medicaid Reimbursement Reviews

Compliance & reimbursement audits of the highest level. We spend an average of three hours per chart (these are not checklist audits) with both a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Therapist who review MDS accuracy, diagnosis coding accuracy, and nursing/therapy documentation to ensure the Medicare/Medicaid claims are supported and proper reimbursement was realized. The staff is interviewed; systems are reviewed; and, a formal exit conference is held at the discretion of client leadership. Focused PDPM Reimbursement Audits are a new addition to our services. After the transition to PDPM in October 2019, HHC clinical reviewers identified that there is significant missed reimbursement in the new payment model due to lack of understanding of the specific Nursing Component qualifiers (formerly the non-rehab RUG qualifiers under the RUG-IV system). There are also missed opportunities identified in all payment components due to multiple system and communication process challenges. Trends among the missed opportunities are identified with recommendations for system and process improvements. The missed reimbursement that is eligible for adjustment request is quantified for the client. Missed reimbursement that is ineligible for adjustment request is also quantified with recommendations to avoid further errors moving forward.

PDPM, MDS 3.0, Infection Prevention, Requirements of Participation, Quality Measures, and ICD-10-CM Education

Hansen Hunter & Co/Synergy/Axiom/HealthBridge provides educational classes focused on MDS coding accuracy and care-planning, PDPM, Medicare coverage, Infection Prevention/Control, ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding, Quality Measures, state payment systems, Five Star Quality Rating, and regulatory changes. Webinars are provided monthly related to the hot topics identified by regulatory changes or issues commonly identified during audits or requested by clients. Additional webinars are provided when breaking regulatory news requires more immediate education. Additionally, changes released by CMS, CDC, NHSN, or other regulatory bodies are emailed to clients within 24 hours of important updates. Educational classes and webinars are typically approved for CEs for licensed nurses and NAB credit hours for licensed nursing home administrators. Our goal is to assist our clients to accurately code the MDS assessments, to improve their knowledge of clinical assessment and care-planning, completion of the MDS, and the regulations regarding the RAI/MDS processes. MDS accuracy affects Medicare payment, Quality Measures, SNF QRP measures, state case-mix payment, survey, and care-planning. ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding accuracy is critical for optimal PDPM reimbursement, billing, and medical record accuracy. ICD-10-CM coding classes are presented by a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). Webinars are presented when ICD-10-CM Coding Manual guideline and code updates are announced. Customized education is available for clients to meet their needs.

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