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Connected Living (CL) is the leading provider of resident engagement solutions in the senior living and skilled nursing space operating in over 500 communities. CL provides a HIPAA compliant content management system for operators and communities to manage core community content such as calendars, menus, alerts, directories, etc. We provide this content on native devices such as digital signage, in-room tv solutions, mobile apps, voice products, and autonomous robots. Our integration with PCC will support our clients ability to easily manage users and to display resident directories via PCC integration.

Features and Benefits

The Connected Living Ecosystem

The Connected Living ecosystem represents a series of state-of-the-art, flexible, and scalable platforms that evolve to meet the specific needs of senior living community residents, staff, and family caregivers. The core driver of the ecosystem is Connected Living’s proprietary Content Management System (eCMS). The eCMS is multi-tenant platform that allows operators, clients and communities ultimate flexibility to create content and configurations, with role-based security, in accordance with the client’s requirements. Three examples of the CCP approach include: A corporate team member responsible for memory care programming can post a category-based photo album to every digital sign throughout the portfolio set to receive memory care photos. An executive director can create, add, or modify content for any and all endpoint products across their campus community. An Assisted Living activities director can manage content for any of the endpoints within her level of living.

Digital Signage / In-Room TV

Connected Living digital signage provides a streamlined channel to control and publish messaging and content to consumers throughout the enterprise. CL has partnered with Four Winds Interactive (FWI) to provide the premier digital signage offering in the industry. Our combined offering has an unmatched combination of tailored software development, custom design, and customer support. While CL leverages FWI’s content player, all creative design, content creation, and live data (via CL APIs) are fully managed by Connected Living.

Connected Living Mobile App

Connected Living’s native applications are available for iOS and Android and provide an effective direct line of communication to residents, families, prospects, and employees. The app has been tailored to be friendly to seniors and powerful for employers and families. While there is an impressive feature set accessible through the app, it remains easy to use by all. The app includes attendance tracking functionality, video conference integrations (i.e. Zoom) and one-touch video chat functionality.

Voice and Smart Home Offering

Our partnership with Amazon integrates the Connected Living ecosystem and the Amazon Echo product line of Alexa-enabled smart speaker devices. Users can ask Alexa over 100 community related prompts. Through Connect Living’s Partnership with Amazon and the Amazon for Hospitality Platform, Connected Living communities can manage all echo devices centrally via one easy to use dashboard.

Temi the Robot

Temi is the world's first personal robotic assistant platform. CL’s product integrations with Temi help communities redefine how communities deploy their limit resources and personnel. Collectively, CL and Temi help create a mobile communication hub, support with remote family and doctor visits, etc.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Connected Living's integration with PointClickCare removes the need for duplicate entry of residents. The integration allows Connected Living to retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. This data access available without a PointClickCare login.

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