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The Circadia C100 System is the world’s first FDA-cleared truly contactless patient monitoring solution that uses sensors and AI to reduce hospitalizations and falls. Continuous vital signs and bio signals data are captured in real-time allowing early detection of Sepsis, Pneumonia, COPD-E, CHF, and Falls. Clinicians can access the data through our cloud-based HIPAA compliant Web Portal along with automated daily reports and detailed alerts generated by a dedicated team of remote nurses. Powered by AI and Machine learning we offer comprehensive alerts for clinical decision support to identify high risk patients. This enables timely triage and prevents hospitalizations.

Features and Benefits

C100 Contactless Monitoring Device

The device is attached to the wall of each resident's room or placed on the bed-side table. From there, it monitors residents' breathing, presence and motion without the need to wear anything or otherwise tether the resident. The devices connect to facility Wi-Fi and are installed by our qualified technicians, making the process seamlessly simple.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Based Web Portal

Our Cloud Based Web Portal allows you to simultaneously monitor all your residents and act on the signs of their early deterioration in a timely manner, The portal displays continuous respiratory rate, time in bed as well as other vital signs from PointClickCare bringing vital information to one place.

Detailed Alerts

Our care coordination team is composed of qualified registered nurses under the supervision of nurse practitioners and physicians reviews data collected by the Circadia System as well observations recorded in PointClickCare and with the help of AI and machine learning identifies residents that are at imminent risk of clinical deterioration. Your facility is then immediately notified, allowing you to prevent hospitalizations and further deterioration of the resident's condition.

Automated Daily Reports

Circadia sends a daily report generated by our AI-based algorithms allowing you to identify residents requiring additional care and attention. This allows nursing staff in the facility to better focus their work on residents that need them the most.

HIPAA Compliant Alerting App

As part of our package we provide you with tablets and our Alerts App which allows your Nurse Managers to review alerts on-the-go.

Bed Exit Detection for Fall Prevention

Circadia uses AI to detects when residents leave their bed, allowing for the generation of immediate alerts in fall risk residents. This feature helps prevent residents' falls and subsequent injuries.

Integrated with PointClickCare

The integration retrieves the latest census data to automatically match residents with Circadia devices. In addition, resident observations and vital signs are retrieved to aid the early detection of deterioration by our algorithms and care coordination. The measurements obtained by the Circadia system such as Respiratory Rate and the generated alerts can be pushed to PointClickCare to be kept on record.


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