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Synapse Health is the largest SNF-focused DME benefit manager (DBM) in the United States. DME Hub is a centralized platform for your rental equipment needs, supported by leading DME technology, network management, spend control and an experienced team of DME consultants. Our mission is to make your life easier by taking on the responsibility of your DME partnerships, from utilization management to EMR integrations, we will always focus on leveraging technology to streamline process for enhanced interoperability.

Features and Benefits

Synapse DME Hub

DME Hub is a centralized platform for all your DME needs. As the largest SNF DME Benefit Manager in the country, we have the tools and the supplier network to service your facility anytime you need it, anywhere in the nation.

Simple and easy to use E- Ordering

Online ordering which will keep your staff happy and save time. We have designed a simple ordering process which has been tailored to your products and industry needs. With Synapse, your facility will average 85% of orders are entered directly into the portal. High level of compliance frees up your staff for more important tasks and better patient care.

Order Approvals

Customized product approval alerts ensures you order the right equipment 100% of the time, and eliminate unnecessary rentals before they get into your buildings!

Order Status and Alerts

Receive real-time order status updates including key changes or updates to your orders, as well as delivery confirmations giving you more peace of mind.

Data and Analytics

Real-time utilization reporting helps you stay on top of all your rentals in one format regardless of the technical capabilities of your supplier. Useful built-in reports such as Active Rentals, Invoice Trends, PPDs and more. We also provide real-time actionable reporting proven to reduce your annual equipment spend up to 25%. Reporting from one source helps boost compliance across all your SNFs, and also allows you to centralize your rental management without giving up any visibility or control. Data delivered right to your inbox - where you need it, when you need it.

One Invoice

Invoices made simple. You pay one invoice, we pay all of your DME providers. Powerful reconciliation tools ensures you are in sync with your DME invoice.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Real-time update of patient demographics, location of care, and admit and discharge data from PointClickCare

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