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Our vision is to transform the technology culture in senior living. Parasol Alliance is a comprehensive in-house technology solutions company. We specialize in helping providers maximize their use of technology through strategic technology planning, full-service IT support, consulting services and on-campus resident technology support. As senior living is the only market we serve, and with the expertise of a team that holds over 95 years of combined experience working in the field, we have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face to streamline their clinical and programmatic operations using technology. Having executed over 400 projects, many as EHR implementations and optimizations, we have the proven track record to demonstrate the value of a partnership with Parasol Alliance.

Features and Benefits

Technology Roadmap

We believe technology must support your overall business and strategic goals, so understanding your organization is the first and most important step. We begin with a full technology environmental assessment and interviews with each client’s leadership and key employees to assess existing technology capabilities and make recommendations to advance, improve and streamline your technology systems. We bring IT investments and initiatives into alignment to develop your Technology Strategic Plan; a three-year road map that can be used for budgetary and planning purposes. All of our full-service partnerships begin with the technology assessment and the strategic plan; however, this can also serve as a stand-alone service.

Full-Service IT Support

In addition to the assessment and strategic plan, we provide each client with the talent to implement your roadmap and support all your technology needs. This team includes: • Dedicated CIO • Specialized Client Services Manager • Team of experts in senior living technology – project managers, engineers and business analysts • Dedicated technician to work on-campus to serve your technology needs • Remote support team to handle 24/7 day-to-day technology needs • Once your strategic plan is created and your team is in place, we provide one point of contact to serve as your Client Service Manager to work with your team through regularly scheduled planning meetings to establish project timelines and resources and conduct onsite check-ins with the technician dedicated to working on your campus. The Full-Service Partnership Includes: • Virtual CIO and Technology Strategic Planning • Advanced Engineering • Business system support • Onsite technology support • Risk management • Security and compliance oversight • Vendor management • Technology budgeting • Service desk remote support • Project management • Employee training • 24/7 System monitoring and support • Integrated ticket management • IT Policy Development and Implementation

Consulting Services

Sometimes providers only need expertise and support on a project basis. Whether independent of, or in addition to other support, our technology consulting services are identified and executed within the strategic framework of the client’s business objectives. Consulting services include, but are not limited to: • Business system analysis, recommendations, selection, implementation or optimization • Business process re-engineering and system optimization • Staff training • Software or hardware selection and implementations

Resident Technology Support through Tech@Home

At Tech@Home, our vision is to help older adults thrive using technology. We do this by providing an onsite technician dedicated to meeting the technology needs of your residents through one-on-one appointments and technology education in a virtual or in-person classroom format.

Managed Security Services

Parasol Alliance has partnered with KnowBe4, the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks so you can better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks. Cultivate a cyber-safe organization by leveraging a multi-pronged approach of user education, external network testing and strategic long-term security strengthening.

Wireless Survey Designs

Today, wireless rules the world. With the surge in cloud-based services and amenities being adopted across the senior living field, providers are finding their current wireless infrastructures are not built for this increased demand for connectivity causing frustration among residents, families and employees. Let Parasol Alliance help you optimize the wireless communication potential on your campus with our wireless design services.

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