PacEHR is an electronic health record software designed for and by long-term & post-acute care (LTPAC) professionals. Catered to the specific needs and workflow of long-term care, PacEHR electronic health record can minimize the data entry burden and unlock the full potential of data for LTPAC practices. PacEHR electronic health record is built upon Saisystems Health’s 30 years of experience in the LTPAC industry. The software targets operational inefficiency and manual data entry burden, PacEHR promotes more meaningful data exchange throughout the care continuum, gives providers back time to focus on patient care and reduces unnecessary hospitalization

Features and Benefits

Encounter documentation is as easy as 1-2-3

PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record brings complete, easily accessible and organized patient data with critical data entry support to minimize manual documentation burden for long-term care professionals. Smart data entry with a library of customizable templates, text replacement and speech-to-text features ensures providers spend as little time as possible on documenting an encounter. Customized templates that fit your unique workflow minimizes focuses on reporting meaningful and relevant information. Robust data importing capabilities to parse information from previous encounters capitalizes on existing data to minimize documentation time. Providers can easily navigate between patients without the need to go back to the main window - a key time-reducing feature of PacEHR.

Meaningful reports available at your fingertips

PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record offers robust reporting capabilities with meaningful reports and insights designed for long-term post-acute providers. With full visibility into your patients' data, providers can improve clinical outcomes and reduce unnecessary hospitalization. PacEHR™ makes reporting of quality measure under the traditional MIPS framework easy with suggestions and recommendation of appropriate codes, color-coded prioritization and patient tags to highlight important patient information and easy navigation. PacEHR™ also facilitates measurement of productivity through RVU contribution reporting and provide an estimate of monthly payment.

Seamless integration with PointClickCare and other major facility systems

PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record features powerful integration with PointClickCare and other major facility systems. We take care of the data transfer across systems behind the scene, so that you can say goodbye to the clunky copy-and-paste routine. Automated and native sharing of reports with facilities ensures timely, up-to-date and accurate patient information while eliminating any duplicated data entry requirements. PacEHR™ empowers providers to achieve more with less manual work.

PacEHR™ electronic health record works for you, not the other way around

PacEHR™ is device-agnostic, meaning your electronic health record follows you wherever you go in your daily travel among facilities so that you always have full data visibility at your fingertip. With a hands-on approach toward implementation and a full support team, your training can be completed in under an hour. Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure your success. We customize implementation and onboarding strategy to fit each practice structure. Front-loading or staggered, we’ve got you covered.


PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record: Empower Your Practice

PacEHR™ Electronic Health Record: Empower Your Practice

PacEHR™ electronic health record caters to the specific workflow of long-term post-acute care with smart entry capability that can make your documentation as easy as 1-2-3. For more information, visit

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