Tapestry Health integrates a complete medical ecosystem into a SNFs existing medical care infrastructure and team and coordinates all efforts through a server-type application that facilitates information transfer between PointClickCare and our EHR. We collect data and generate analytic reports with both immediate and long-term actionable directives that improve short and long-term care outcomes. We provide medical director services, remote and on-site 24/7 clinical care by specifically assigned clinical teams, as well as urgent, follow-up and wellness care. In addition, we bring specialists in various fields directly to the patient’s bedside as required and provide critical post-discharge care to ensure the lowest possible incidence of rehospitalization.

Features and Benefits

Dedicated clinical teams

We assign specific clinical teams to each facility, allowing our clinicians to build personal relationships with each patient, their family members, and the local staff.

24/7 care

The same clinical team is available to see patients either on-site or via sophisticated remote technology at any time. We are not a phone or fax-based service. The patients’ clinician answers each call, and evaluates and treats the patient at their bedside.

Vitals Management Program (VMP)

Our VMP allows for digitally measuring each patients’ vitals, reducing the time required from 6 minutes to 2 while eliminating human error and guaranteeing accurate readings. We analyze readings in real time and over time, so we can alert the staff immediately when an examination by a clinician is called for. We also analyze and report over time, providing actionable intelligence on a facility-wide and patient-by-patient basis.

Specialty care

Our practice includes specialists in cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology and more, available to consult with our clinicians or to see a patient at their bedside, when they need to be seen. No waiting for an appointment and no hospital transfers.

Behavioral care

All of our clinicians are geriatric care specialists with specific behavioral care training. We know the difference between a clinical incident and an elderly patient exhibiting normal anxious behaviors, and how to affectively deal with both.

Integrated with PointClickCare

The current server application connects to PointClickCare servers using the provided API and downloads/uploads patient information that our clinicians need to provide care.

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