ChartPath is the #1 post-acute EHR for provider groups that round in multiple facilities. Easily manage your patients, providers, and billing, no matter where your encounters take place: SNF, NF, AL, rehab, hospice, and home.

Features and Benefits

The Absolute Best Customer Support

We proudly publish our support phone number directly in ChartPath. We don't believe in remote call centers for this mission-critical function, and if you ever have to call us, the phones ring 24x7x365 right here in Austin, Texas and will be answered by our experienced, dedicated team.

Low Turnover

Most of our customers have been with us for years, and we take that as a sign that they love ChartPath and our team.

Transparent Pricing

We disclose all of our pricing up front so you are never surprised, and you can easily calculate the total cost of ownership to compare other solutions. We do not charge for implementations, training, or interfacing to your existing billing company. Ask us for a full price list so you can easily shop around. We don't mind because we think you'll choose ChartPath. We also do not charge for non-billable users, so all of your admins, billing companies, and other third-party vendors can work closely with you to manage your practice without incurring additional fees.

Behavioral Health

ChartPath has outstanding support for psychotherapy, psychiatry, and neurology in the post-acute setting. BH encounters and billing support are fully integrated into ChartPath and can stand alone or integrate with your clinical providers.

Go-Live Support

For many EHRs, go-live support is an afterthought and a cost to be managed. At ChartPath, we believe it's an investment in the success of your practice. We do not charge for implementations or training. We're also experts in switching EHRs and will ensure your team has the tools to make the transfer quickly. From patient registration to CCD import, we will get you started with the most historical data possible.

Practice Billing and RCM

BYO billing company, full in-house billing, or managed services: ChartPath and ChartPath RCM have a solution for your post acute practice. If you choose your own billing company, there is no charge for integration. If you want to manage billing in-house, ChartPath RCM is a complete, dedicated platform for managing claims, and if you want to outsource, we use our own ChartPath RCM platform to manage claims and collections for you. Be sure to compare our A/R management to see in numbers exactly how effective we are.

MIPS Your Way

Whether you are pursuing maximum MIPS or choosing penalty avoidance, ChartPath has the flexibility to configure MIPS data collection to suit your specific practice.

Full Control Over Encounters and Claims

Use our optional Auditor and Coder workflows to reduce risk to your practice. Easily review, amend, approve, or reject encounters to ensure clean claims.

eRx, EPCS, and PDMP

ChartPath has full support for electronic prescribing, controlled substances, and prescription drug monitoring programs. We are also connected to the nationwide SureScripts network, so you will have full visibility into all of a patient's prescriptions and refills, even if they happen outside of your care.

Specialized Content

ChartPath is dedicated to post-acute care. All of our clinical content supports this patient population and the providers and specialists who serve it. Specialty encounters include psychiatry and psychotherapy, neurology, pulmonology, Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Care Plans, and Care Teams, among others.

Integrated with PointClickCare

ChartPath currently supports facility and patient registration as well as upload of encounters.

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