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Our system removes the need for manual tracking and data entry, eliminating the risk of manual error while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of care staff. Our flexible and configurable system uses wearable devices plus wireless connectivity to best-of-breed vital sign monitoring systems from world-class providers such as Masimo, Roche and others. Our system monitors and tracks a wide range of vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygenation, blood glucose, temperature, and more. We provide real-time and ongoing sleep and activity monitoring, location monitoring and fall detection. Notifications are sent directly to care staff via wearable wristbands, allowing staff to quickly respond to the needs of residents. Our "Plug & Play" solution is simple and easy to deploy.

Features and Benefits

Vital Sign Measurement and Monitoring

Our system provides wireless connectivity to a host of vital sign measurement and monitoring devices from best of breed suppliers such the Masimo Rad-97 (HR, SpO2, BP) and Masimo TIR-1 (Non-contact thermometer). This removes the need for manual recording and data entry of vital sign data. Our system can populate resident’s vital health data directly into PointClickCare through our seamless integration.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

We provide seamless wireless integration for leading Blood Glucose monitoring solutions such as Roche Accu-Chek Inform II. Results are streamed directly to PointClickCare with no need for manual recording or data entry.

Location Monitoring

Our system helps support resident safety through advanced location monitoring. We provide real-time location data and care staff notifications when needed.

Fall Detection

Our system can identify falls or other events that may require immediate attention. Our system can notify care staff in real-time via wearable wristbands if urgent attention is required.

Repositioning reminders for residents with Pressure Injuries

The Agartee solution can send notifications to care staff if a resident with a pressure injury has not been moved within a predefined time frame. Our system is fully configurable so you set the time window and frequency of notifications.

Sleep and Activity Monitoring

Our wearable device monitors resident’s sleep and activity in real-time, and data is recorded over time to identify trends or anomalies in resident behavior and/or sleep patterns. Monitoring activity and sleep has been proven to help identify potential health concerns before they become critical.

Care Staff Notification

Our system can provide wireless real-time notifications for care staff via wearable wristbands for a variety of situations. Our system is configurable, so you set the criteria and thresholds for staff notifications.

Data Analytics & Reporting

In addition to streaming data directly into PointClickCare, we provide our own proprietary dashboards which can be used for customized reports and advanced analytics.

Historical & Trend Reporting

Our dashboard allows care-staff and physicians to easily visualize data over time to view trends and identify variances

Flexible, Customizable & Configurable

Our system is flexible. You can deploy only the specific features and capabilities you need, and add additional capabilities as required. Our system is customizable and configurable, to meet the needs of virtually any facility.

Simple Plug & Play Deployment model

Our platform is simple to deploy and easy to use. We adapt to you, so no need to change existing workflows, resources, or schedules.

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