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Behavioral Health Solutions (BHS) is a healthcare provider group of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, LCSWs and therapists serving residents in nursing homes. Serving facilities virtually through telehealth or in person, BHS professionals support many critical resident care functions including medication management, gradual dose reductions, psychosocial needs, behavioral interventions and interdisciplinary care conferences. Our integrated solution allows for quicker turnaround times for patients to be seen by equipping providers with important demographic and clinical information. The integrations also allows for facilities to receive clinical documentation as soon as the provider completes the note.

Features and Benefits


BHS’ full complement of clinical services allows for a coordinated team approach to person-centered care. Whether via in-person at your facility or telehealth, our professionals work with your staff to meet the needs of your residents. BHS believes that mental health is part of a holistic treatment approach knowing that mental and emotional well-being are crucial for physical well-being and healing. Care Coordination upon resident admission is typically driven through the Social Worker. Alternative processes can be designed for your facility. Based upon routine screening or referrals, assessments are performed by our therapy and psychiatry team. Custom care plans are developed which are implemented through enhanced virtual services. Virtual services allow the BHS team to support the facility in many ways including psychiatry on demand for emergencies, interdisciplinary care conferences and gradual dose reduction meetings.


Telehealth technology has fundamentally changed the delivery health care - especially behavioral health care. Our providers are experienced at care delivery via telehealth and can respond quickly to acute needs via telehealth. While not all services are provided via telehealth or virtually, telehealth service expands the accessibility of our providers. BHS provides telehealth equipment as needed in facilities. The BHS telehealth cart is not complicated and is easy to use. It also offers an open platform allowing your facility to connect with any specialist - not only BHS - any time of day.


Being a trusted, valued partner is important to BHS. Regulatory Compliance is foundational to BHS services and our team of professionals are trained to meet the unique needs of the nursing home environment. Services provided by BHS support compliance with Resident Assessment needs, Comprehensive Resident Centered Care Plans, Quality of Life, Quality of Care including Trauma-informed Care, Behavioral Health Services and Pharmacy Services. Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) - a federal requirement to help ensure that individuals are not inappropriately placed in nursing homes for long term care requires that Medicaid-certified nursing facilities: • Evaluate all applicants for serious mental illness (SMI) and/or intellectual disability (ID) • Offered all applicants the most appropriate setting for their needs (in the community, a nursing facility, or acute care settings) • Provide all applicants the services they need in those settings. BHS will help develop appropriate plan of care for all Level II clients and participate in routine screenings at the facility's request. Quality Measures on many levels, are directly impacted by the mental health of long- and short-stay residents. Use the BHS team of professionals to assist in positively impacting your facility Quality Measures. Not just regarding antipsychotic medications, but more broadly functional improvement or decline, and pain are areas that mental health professionals can help manage. Outcomes are measured in many different ways; but we are all seeking improved quality of life for our residents. BHS has tools to measure quantifiable outcomes to support value-based reimbursement models, clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations. Our own EHR platform allows for structured and ad hoc data mining in support of quality monitoring and outcomes.


Dear Partners in Care - You need passion! Health care, especially in the nursing home setting, requires passion. I have seen it for years in this industry – staff passionate about providing the quality of care deserved by all. Behavioral Health Solutions (BHS) was founded in 2017 with that same passion, and drive, to develop a care delivery model for mental health services in nursing homes. With your help we are succeeding every day in improving the quality of life for your residents. BHS has grown into a multistate provider group serving not only the nursing home industry, but now also helping to meet the demand for mental health services in our communities through outpatient services. We have successfully leveraged the technology of telehealth to reach remote, underserved communities in rural areas providing hope and accessibility. Based upon our experience, we have developed this handbook as a tool for staff to help you understand the services, benefits and delivery models BHS provides. Thank you for trusting in us. We are proud to be passionate partners in care! Bill Treese, CEO Behavioral Health Solutions

Point Click Care Integration

Our integration will assist in improving the continuity of care between Behavioral Health Solutions and your facility. This integration will share valuable information between our EMR and PointClickCare including patient demographic and clinical information as well as allow the facility to receive notes as soon as the provider completes them. This allows patients to receive the care they deserve in an expeditious manner.

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