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Our proprietary algorithm technology and our embedded communication devices provide continuous care through the VIP Remote Health cloud, hassle-free. VIP’s remote monitoring software offers a comprehensive solution to monitor a patient’s vital signs as well as falls, and sends automatic alerts to the pre-selected emergency contact list in the event they cross a predetermined threshold value or remain motion less for a minimum of 10 seconds or more after a fall. With the development of our state-of-the-art mini tablet, we are able to set secure perimeters in every skilled nursing facility, as well as patient's homes to detect elopement.

Features and Benefits

Ease of access to vitals

With the use of our proprietary smart band and internally developed mini tablet, a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor and Bluetooth pulse oximeter, The VIP Remote Health solution makes for immediate and continuous access to patient vitals. Such vitals include but are not limited to: SPO2, Heart rate, heart rate variability, BP, and steps. In addition, it provides alerts of health metric abnormalities as well as falls, to the pre-assigned caregivers within the facility. The smart band is a water-proof, lightweight with a Velcro band for ease and comfort.

Monitoring and Integration

We monitor and collect data 24/7 along with health trend reporting and the availability of a responsive call center, 24/7. All data is available on the VIP Remote Health dashboard as well as continuously transmitted to PointClickCare. 2, 20-minute monitoring sessions are required by CMS. VIP Remote Health offers this service to all ordering physicians. This data is shared with PointClickCare, as well as the ordering physician, completing the circle of care.

Customer Benefits

Through the VIP Remote Health platform, we are able to offer our service to the patients and the skilled nursing facility at no cost as it is fully reimbursable by Medicare with minor conditions set by CMS. As well patients can (when discharged) continue the monitoring service, closing the circle of care in order to avoid readmits both at the skilled nursing facility and home. Communication devices are supplied to the building at no cost.

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