MedStreamline is a mobile application that offers direct and seamless integration with PointClickCare. It allows your staff to easily record patients’ vitals in real-time without human error and automatically uploads the data into the PointClickCare system. MedStreamline improves clinical monitoring, removes manual entry, increases staff productivity, and delivers true paperless data. MedStreamline offers a robust solution that grows with your organization. This secure solution is HIPAA-compliant. We also provide five FDA approved Bluetooth devices (two different blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeter, infrared thermometer, weight scale) that work directly with our mobile application. In addition to seamless implementation, Med Streamline offers free training and additional technical support. Automate your processes today! Download the app for free on Apple or Android devices.

Features and Benefits

Seamless integration from mobile application to PointClickCare

MedStreamline now can send patient vitals from the mobile application directly to PointClickCare in real time. As soon as you save your patient session, the data automatically appears in the patient's record in PointClickCare. We have five different devices supplied to you once you are signed up. The mobile application is free to download for Android and Apple (simply search for "MedStreamline")

Two different blood pressure cuffs to choose from

MedStreamline now has two different types of blood pressure cuffs to choose from. The AirBP is more of a traditional blood pressure cuff that allows you to manually pump the air pressure. The mobile application instructs the user when to start and stop pumping. The other Bluetooth blood press cuff is an automatic system that allows you to easy place and remove the device on the patient's arm.

Only active patients appear in our mobile application

When you login to MedStreamline, your patient database will appear when starting a new test. Only active patients will appear when you wish to start a test. This prevents errant selection of inactive patients.

No Setup Required!

MedStreamline's mobile application only needs you to login to use it. All devices are automatically configured to communicate and require no set-up. To use the app: 1 - Simply login; 2 - Choose a patient (automatically synchronized with PointClickCare); 3 - Select which device to use on the patient. You can test any combination of devices.

Web Based and Mobile Dashboards

The MedStreamline dashboard allows healthcare professional to view all patients' test results. Our dashboard views update in real time to provide a complete picture of the patient's health. System alerts allow users assigned to patients to be notified immediately if an abnormal vitals via SMS or email.

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