pMD’s service and integrated solution save providers who round at skilled nursing facilities valuable time while reducing claims lag, denials, and overhead. When billing is seamless, you can focus on what matters most. You take care of the patients, we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert revenue cycle team arms you with the best charge capture tools and services to simplify your SNF workflow while chasing down your maximum revenue. Increased transparency means you’ll never have to guess how your practice is performing financially.

Features and Benefits

Save Time

pMD interfaces with PointClickCare to make charge capture a breeze when rounding at skilled nursing facilities. Patient demographics flow from PointClickCare directly into pMD replacing manual data entry so clinicians can focus on what really matters most - their patients.

Capture Accurate Data

With a direct patient demographic feed to pMD, you’ll significantly decrease the chances of capturing inaccurate data while rounding at SNFs that can lead to costly denials and medical errors.

Increase Revenue

pMD makes it easy to for providers rounding at skilled nursing facilities to capture data and submit charges at the point of care, giving providers additional control over their time and money. Customers using pMD have seen a nearly 2-week decrease in charge lag after implementation, a 61% reduction of payer rejections and denials, and a 26% increase in revenue*. Plus, our team of experts integrates so tightly with your practice it feels like we’re down the hallway, just without all of the overhead. *based on results from customer case studies

Integrated with PointClickCare

pMD interfaces with PointClickCare to allow registered patient demographics and insurance info to flow from PointClickCare directly into pMD, saving valuable time by replacing manual data entry. By leveraging real-time event notification, pMD seamlessly merges patient data from PointClickCare into pMD, both creating and updating patient data in real-time, based on changes that happen in the PointClickCare system. Patient demographics, contact information, and insurance coverage can also be retrieved and updated in real-time or on-demand from pMD’s user interface.


Dr. Seek - Streamlining Healthcare with pMD's End-to-End Solutions

Dr. Seek - Streamlining Healthcare with pMD's End-to-End Solutions

Helping people is in Dr. Seek’s DNA. But healthcare is complex and ultimately comes along with a great deal of admin, like documentation and billing, that can easily distract from patient care. So when Dr. Seek needed a strategic partner to help run his nephrology practice efficiently from end-to-end he turned to pMD. Watch to find out why!

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